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Alliance for Free Citizens Supports Southwest Airline Pilots

National Conservative Group Stands With Southwest Airline Pilots

Encourages resistance under threat of unconstitutional vaccine mandate on businesses

(Fairfax, Virginia) - Today the Alliance for Free Citizens, a non-partisan advocacy organization, praised the continued resistance of Southwest Airline pilots and other employees who are refusing to participate in the Biden administration's demands for mandatory vaccination.

This past weekend Southwest Airlines was forced to cancel over 2,000 flights, roughly a fifth of their business over the long holiday. Management is blaming the problem on weather, although the clear skies over the United States did not effect any other airline. These cancellations also follow Southwest's decision last week to mandate COVID-19 vaccination by December 8, and an official complaint from the pilot's union.

The airline's decision, made under duress according to CEO Gary Kelly, will effect 56,000 employees.

"Airline employees, truckers, and longshoremen who choose not to be vaccinated are losing their job, suspension, or just walking off the job in mass. These tactics by the Office of the President requiring a person to take into their body a substance they do not want is unconstitutional. To force a citizen of the United States to choose to take the jab or loose their livelihood is tyrannical," said Joshua Pratt, Executive Director of the Alliance.

"This government, led by Joe Biden, has completely disrupted all commercial transportation in the U.S., not just the airlines," continued Pratt. "It is all transportation—shipping, trucking, ground passenger carriers. Goods are not on the road as should be, there are supply chain shortages, and the cost of fuel is going up. Travelers are being stranded, rerouted, and delayed because businesses are going to be mandated to vaccinate their workforce."

While the Biden administration's announced order to mandate all businesses with over 100 employees to require COVID-19 vaccination has not yet gone into effect, many businesses are already acting under the threat future fines and other penalties.

"The Alliance for Free Citizens demands that the Biden Administration stop these mandated violations of human rights, commercial rights, and economics rights of Americans," Pratt concluded.