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A List of Top Design and Storage Ideas for Your Very Own Fitted Wardrobe

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Fitted wardrobes have undoubtedly proven to be one of the best ways you can utilise storage in your bedroom or living space, and they can even add to your room's aesthetic. With a fitted wardrobe, it's easy to optimise storage for all your items and belongings, be it clothes, accessories, shoes, and more. You can design your fitted wardrobe to suit what you own – for example, if you have an excess of shoes, you can choose to have it built with more shoe racks, and if you have a bevvy of suits, you can opt for more hanging rails. But since fitted wardrobes are an investment, it makes sense to ensure that they give you the utmost value. So how can you design your fitted wardrobe so you can get the most out of it? Here’s a list of top design and storage ideas for your very own fitted wardrobe.


Deciding on the doors: know your options


Whilst designing the interior of your wardrobe is essential, there's no discounting the importance of the doors you choose, either. You have plenty of choices in doors depending on your requirements and the size of your room. For instance, you have the option of hinged doors, which are a traditional choice, but you can also choose sliding doors with a sleeker look and are more feasible if you have limited space. 


Other than doors, you can also choose an open-front concept, where your things are on display, kind of like a showcase. If you go for this, it's essential to keep your items tidy, however, so you don't have a bedroom that looks cluttered. 


More on sliding doors 


Most fitted wardrobes come with sliding doors, as it’s a popular option with many homeowners. If you select sliding doors, you have an array of options, such as door width as well as the number of sliding doors. You can also select from various finishes and styles, from wood grain to glass mirrors and even stainless steel. 


Another popular option paired with sliding doors is mirrored glass. You can have yours partially or completely mirrored, as confirmed by built in wardrobes Manchester experts like My Fitted Bedroom. A full-length mirror is excellent if you want to make the room brighter, but pay attention to keeping the mirrors clean, as dirt and dust will be more apparent with mirrored doors.


A walk-in wardrobe solution


If you have ample space, why not go for a walk-in wardrobe? This solution is perfect for larger rooms, but you can also install one in a smaller nook or recess. You can also have it designed much like standard fitted wardrobes, but you have more storage to work with – and you can choose either an open-shelf design or with doors as well. 


Ideas for storage 


Now comes the best bit: storage. It’s exciting to know that you have more than enough ideas for storage to take advantage of, from the obvious like shelves and cupboards to the more innovative such as double-hanging rails, shoe racks you can pull out, rails you can pull down, drawers for jewellery or ties, units for makeup and cosmetics, pigeon holes, rails for trousers, boot racks, curving rails, and even laundry hampers! The best design is out there, and it’s up to you to utilise it to your advantage. 


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