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Who is Calman Shemi and everything you need to know

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Calman Shemi is an Argentinian-Israeli artist who likes to specialise in colours to create art pieces that are full of energy and shapes, whilst ensuring they remain as vibrant as possible when they are put onto the canvas in which he creates his paintings.


This article will highlight everything that is needed to be known about the South American and will provide an in-depth look at how he has managed to become incredibly successful in the art industry and a favourite for many personal collectors.

Who is Calman Shemi?

As mentioned, Calman is an Argentinian-Israeli artist who specialises in paintings. He was born in 1939 in Mendoza; a city that is located within the famed South American region of Cuyo that is in the heart of the country's wine region as it is known throughout the world for the Malbecs and other red wines that continue to be produced there.


Calman Shemi, the painter, managed to get his career going after he spent a lot of his education at the School of Sculpture and Ceramics in his hometown under Libero Badii.


However, in 1961, he decided to move to Israel and arrived at the Kibbutz Carmia, which is located in the south of the country when he was just 20 years old. He stayed here for a total of 20 years working as a sculptor with wood and clay whilst he had the opportunity to study under the German-Israeli sculptor, Rudi Lehmann.

Badii and Lehmann have influenced Shemi’s work

After being given the privilege and honour to learn from some of the best sculptors within the regions that he had been located in, Shemi has revealed that he continues to apply the artistic and philosophical principles that he had learned from both Badii and Lehmann throughout his career.


In a career that has managed to last almost seven decades, he has credited Badii with being the individual who helped to guide and nurture his own artistic spirit, whilst Lehmann gave him the opportunity to learn from one of the pioneers within the Middle East for sculpting.

Further inspiration was taken from everywhere

If there was any doubt regarding the artist’s ability to continue to create some truly magical pieces constantly, the fact that he is able to take inspiration from a number of different sources should shed some light on the South American’s uniqueness.


Shemi has stated that a lot of his inspiration has come from family members - grandchildren, children, wife - as well as everyday people that he may see on the street, as well as the environment in regards to the trees and sky, whilst popular culture has also played a significant role in helping to give him new ideas and potentially provide him with the tools to birth a new technique.

Sculptures are not the only art form Shemi specialises in

As mentioned earlier in the article, although Shemi’s main line of work in the early stages of this art career was to do with sculptures, he has also been able to create and forge a reputation for himself within the painting sphere.


The artist has managed to create a number of his own unique styles with various collections, such as his famed “soft paintings”, “window paintings” and “lacquer paintings”.


He revealed that his love for painting had started back in 1977 when he began to develop the idea of trying to create new techniques that had never been seen in the painting industry. The challenge was born because of Shemi’s desire to continually challenge himself with new artistic mediums and methods, which certainly appears to have taken off.

Where can Shemi’s work be seen?

Shemi is an incredibly talented artist and one that has proven to be very popular with audiences all around the world, especially when it comes down to the collection of paintings that he has managed to produce over the decades.


He has had numerous solo exhibitions in a number of the world’s biggest cities across the planet, with places such as the United States, Spain, Germany, Belgium, France and the Middle East all having hosted events.


Furthermore, his artwork has proven popular with individuals who collect art, as there are a number of private portfolios that feature some of his works, thus highlighting just how highly regarded he is within the art industry.