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What’s Hiding behind Cash Advance Online Loans Taken from Apps

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While the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t gone anywhere, direct lenders became the only solution for many people. For more convenience, instant cash advance online loans are now provided in a mobile format. Apart from a mobile browser, clients can also use mobile apps for sending an online application and receiving approval. Just take a look at Instant Сash Advance. This online service has already adjusted its financial services to the mobile format.

When financial technology companies started offering alternatives to predatory payday loans, the apps like Earnin, Dave, and Branch were brought to the market. The major issue standing behind these services is their similarity to payday loan services. By accessing future earnings, you will cover your cash shortage problem. But this money will need to be paid off later on. At, you will see how the whole system of cash advance loans works.

The Rise of Cash Advance Online Loans Apps

Payday lenders usually provide an advance on your future pay, but their interest rates may look a bit distracting. Instead of taking out a payday loan one hour or using funds on a credit card, you can open an app to take out the required advance. In most cases, these apps are free. Occasionally, they may charge a small service fee, without charging interest on the loans.

Many modern apps have been brought to the market within the last five years, which means they still may have some flaws. No wonder that specialists recommend you not to rush with the final decision. In 2019, the New York Department of Financial Services introduced its initiative to examine the companies’ affairs in terms of possible violations. For example, New York lenders can’t charge more than 25% in interest for official loans reaching $2.5 million.

Earnin has recently become one of the most popular apps for borrowers. Similar to many other cash advance apps, Earnin allows users to leave “tips” in exchange for cash. Although this option is described as voluntary, it turns out to be mandatory if you want to borrow more than $100. A representative for Earnin states that the company does not function similarly to payday lenders as its services are offered in a safer and more transparent format.

The Risks of Cash Advance Apps

Unfortunately, there is a negative tendency among cash advance app developers who tend to create a debt trap for people. They make people crash financially without getting any real support. Of course, it’s not the case for all lenders. For example, InstantСashAdvance knows how to do its job without cheating clients. The company treats every single client with respect. And this approach to corporate affairs makes sense for all the good reasons.

A reliable cash advance online loans lender tends to monitor your balance to make sure that you have sufficient funds before debiting your account. However, some nuances depend on clients themselves. The lack of warranties makes the possibility of overdraft quite unclear.

Oftentimes, cash advance apps pay out the advances back to their accounts, which can cause a set of negative consequences. In the situation where an advance can’t be covered on time, the app tends to take the due funds from the client’s next paycheck. This has a direct impact on his/her ability to pay other bills.

If you are one of those who need extra cash from time to time, you may consider using one cash advance apps. You will then need to conduct thorough research and analysis to pick the best possible option. In the end, don’t forget to build up a savings cushion in the future. Eventually, it may save your life!