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WASHINGTON POLITICS: New Parnell Ad... Media Divides, Liberals Define​

Ohio Township, PA – Sean Parnell today launched a new campaign ad entitled “Media Divides, Liberals Define” highlighting his military and leadership experience. The ad comes as Parnell continues consolidating conservative support in the Republican primary, both across Pennsylvania and nationally. 

The ad can be viewed HERE or by clicking below.

Below is a script of the ad:

When our freedom is at stake, Pennsylvanians are the first to the fight. 

That's exactly why I joined the army after 9/11.

I led an infantry platoon on the front lines in Afghanistan 

They called us the ‘Outlaw Platoon. 

Men of every race, creed, and religion.

The media tries to divide America by those differences. 

Liberals think they define us 

But in battle with those men of Outlaw Platoon, we found truth is something greater. 

Our differences were only skin deep.

And what we had in common, our love and brotherhood, it made unstoppable.

When Americans are united in purpose, we can accomplish anything,

I’m Sean Parnell, I'm asking you to join me in that fight

Learn more about Sean Parnell's campaign for U.S. Senate at www.parnellforsenate.com