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Timothy Trout of Bellmawr graduates from UMass Lowell

New Jersey #JusticeforJ6 Rally, Saturday, September 25 at the State Capitol Annex, 11AM

Washington, DC -- Today, Look Ahead America is promoting its New Jersey #JusticeforJ6 rally, which will be held on Saturday, September 25th at the State Capitol Annex at 11AM. Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 16.49.08

Last Saturday, September 18th, Look Ahead America held the initial #JusticeforJ6 rally in Washington, D.C. outside of the U.S. Capitol building. This event was a great success and was a peaceful exercise of our First Amendment rights. We expect the same for the New Jersey rally this coming weekend.  During this Saturday’s rally, Look Ahead America will also be introducing a draft resolution that will be presented to the New Jersey state legislature, encouraging them to demand that our US Senators and Representatives take a stand against the severe injustice our January 6 political prisoners are facing.

We ask that Patriots attending this rally be aware of their surroundings, be respectful to law enforcement, and refrain from bringing or wearing paraphernalia belonging to a political party, candidate, or another organization. Instead, we ask attendees to wear red, white, and blue and to bring American flags and signs to show support for the J6 prisoners. 

For questions regarding the New Jersey rally, please email rally@lookaheadamerica.org.