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How to Satisfy a Picky Eater

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You know what your kids need to eat but getting them to do so is another story. As a parent, you love cooking meals that your family loves and devours. Unfortunately, when one or more of your kids dislikes most foods, meal time can become a war zone. Satisfying a picky eater nourished is challenging. So, how do you feed a picky eater the foods they like and ones you know they need?

Food is Fuel

When children are just starting to eat table food, it’s pretty easy. You mash up vegetables and give it to them in small quantities. If they like them, it’s a win and you continue onto another. However, as your child grows, they develop their own set of likes and dislikes in terms of tastes and textures. 

If your child is old enough to understand, explain how food is like fuel. Similar to how a car needs gas to run, their body also needs nourishment to move and stay healthy. Explain that though every vegetable might not be their favorite, they contain vitamins and minerals that they need. If your child has any medical issues, like heart disease for instance, tell them how eating vegetables can keep their heart healthy.

Cook Together

Even children as young as three can help out in the kitchen. Encourage your little one to cook with you when preparing foods that aren't necessarily their favorite. They’ll get to see how the food is made and take part in the process. Explain how each ingredient provides nutritional value and let them add in or stir when possible.

Offer Something New

Just like you, kids get tired of eating the same food every week. As exciting as pizza Fridays are, broccoli and carrot Tuesdays sit a little different. Choose a variety of vegetables and offer them on different days. You can also prepare them differently as well. For example, if your child dislikes cooked broccoli, offer it raw with dip instead. You can do the same with most vegetables by offering them as a snack. In fact, offering healthy alternatives alongside traditional snacks is a great way to satisfy both of you. 

If you’re looking to swap out their go-to snacks too, you can sign up for a snack crate delivery and let them sample snacks from around the world. Delivered monthly, snack box subscriptions are the perfect opportunity to introduce your family to new food without pressure. It’ll give them something to look forward to and teaches them that it’s okay to try new things.

Keep Calm and Don't Pressure Them

Although it may be irritating seeing your child cherry-pick their food, you have to keep calm and not let your frustration get to you. Pressuring your child into eating things they don't want isn't going to help either. Remember to be patient and gauge how much they're willing to eat when it comes to food they're not particularly fond of. That way, you'll know how much to give them when planning a family meal.