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Evolution of Online Slots


Most people associate online casinos with slot games, and for a good reason. Namely, slots are the most popular online casino game and the most widespread one. It would be difficult to find an online casino that doesn’t feature dozens, or even hundreds, of online slots in its portfolio. But how did online slots come to be? We all know the story of the one-arm bandit, but what about the first online slot? Let’s dive deeper into the history of online slots and how they evolved to what we know today.

Early History of Online Slots

Sources say that the first online casino software was developed in 1996 by a little-known South African company, Microgaming. The same company then released the first-ever online casino, consequently paving the way for the online gambling industry we know and love today.


Other companies wanted to claim the title of the groundbreaker in the iGaming industry but couldn’t do so without proof. However, InterCasino also launched its first online casino the same year as Microgaming, proving that great minds think alike.


It didn’t take long for the online casino industry to take off. In only two years, it became a crowded market for the internet standards of the 1990s. Software developers caught on and started releasing new content frequently, like online slots, table games, and more. Such games are what set the standard in the iGaming industry.

Rise of Online Casino Software

Naturally, with the rising interest in online casinos and the emergence of sites like Prime slots online, online casino software also went through some changes. The online casino software that brought us the first online casinos was just good enough to instigate an online casino craze. From there on, their evolution has been incredible.


The casino software that developers use today is far more sophisticated than its predecessors. It has gone through various improvements over time, focusing on graphics, sound effects, and animation. All of these things have continuously improved the software’s quality.

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Even claims that online casino operators rig results in their favor are a thing of the past. Modern software systems are developed to address and negate that claim. As you might know, the best online casino platforms use Random Number Generators (RNGs) to prevent scams and ensure a safe gaming experience. Such software is key to stopping system manipulation. 

Online Slots Today

Some might say that online slots that we come across today differ in many ways from the originals. And that’s true in many aspects, especially when it comes to graphics and animation. Players have access to more technologically innovative slots today than they had 20-or-so years ago. 


As suggested in this article, online slots today have never been or looked so realistic. Players feel as if they’re in a real land-based casino instead of spinning the reels from the comfort of their homes. The advancements in the technology sector have helped slots perform better and offer a more entertaining experience for everyone.


However, some players long for the good old days where slots were simpler. For that reason, some casino platforms still offer slots that resemble the first online slots from the ‘90s. If you’re ever in need of a trip down memory lane, this is an excellent way to do that.

What to Expect From Online Slots in the Future?

It might be tricky to predict what technological advancements would affect the future of online slots, but the topic is still the talk of the town. Namely, many believe that AR and VR technologies will have an important role in creating online slots in the future. This would enable players to use additional equipment, like VR glasses, and transport themselves to a real-life casino floor. It would improve the whole experience, and playing slots would never be the same again. However, we’re still not there, so make sure you enjoy the tech-innovative slots you have access to today.