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CNBNews Opinion: Two White Men Viciously Attacked in Chicago; Major Cities Are No Longer Safe For Tourists

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One of the victims lays unconscious in the middle of State Street while the black men stomp an kick him and search through his belongings. Black women can be seen twerking nearby after the white man falls to the ground.  


CHICAGO, IL (September 1, 2021)(CNBNews)—Local media reports that crime in a section of Chicago called River North has gotten so bad that employees who work in the surrounding stores refuse to go into the area after dark. A resident said, "Very rarely do you see a police officer. And when you do they are just riding through."


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot slashed law enforcement spending by $58 million in this year's budget and cut roughly 600 vacant positions amid last year’s “Defund the police” movement.  After Officer Ella French was shot and killed last month at  point blank Lightfoot’s is singing a different tune. 

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The two white men who were savegely beaten lay unconscious while people in their cars just drive by them without trying to help. 

Two days ago a city pod video camera caught an attack on two white men by a group of blacks in the middle of State Street at 1:30 AM. The entire time the assault is occurring traffic keeps driving pass like it is an everyday event. There is no police to be seen.  The image on the right below is one of the victims. 

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When the fight breaks out two black men start punching the white man.  Out of nowhere other black men appear and start circling their prey like a Pride of lions on a hunt or a pack of dogs looking for a meal.  Some take a turn punching the man with their fist. When another white man comes to that man's aide he is sucker punched and knocked out cold left to lay in the street.   As both men are unconscious others in the pack start kicking them and stealing their belongings. A few feet away you can see pedestrians walking by the scene. On the other side of the street, black women start twerking, bouncing their butts up and down while others stand and stare laughing as though it was just a normal night in the City of Chicago. 



It is disturbing to think that this gruesome picture is playing out in Chicago, a major city in our country and none of those watching it seems to give a damm.  How and when did our so called civil society become so uncaring, barbaric and bloodthirsty. Who in their right mind would want to visit Chicago today or any other major city like New York, or Philadelphia knowing that an attack like the one could happen to you in a blink of an eye.

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The arrows point to the two victims both unconscious laying in near the middle of State Street,  while the oval shows the women twerking having fun even though they don't know if the victims are alive or dead. 


Chicago Police statistics show 445 homicides have been recorded so far in 2021, compared to 446 during the first seven months of 2020. Those numbers are significantly higher than those recorded in 2019, when 290 people were killed in the first seven months of the year, representing a 53.4% increase.



Since January 1, 2021 in nearby Philadelphia, known at one time as the city of brotherly love, there has been at least one person shot each day. Nearly 1500 people have been shot in Philly since the first of the year. That number includes 295 fatalities. A further breakdown reveals 137 of those deaths were youngsters under the age of 18.

At least 50 other people were murdered by an assailant who used a weapon other than a gun. 


Warning the video of this brutal attack is nauseating. There is no sound.