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 Kicksta vs Combin?

A Side-by-Side Comparison of Instagram Automation

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Technology is developing at a rate that will certainly help the world in various growing domains. This growth includes the different alterations and variations made in hardware and software. Though there are many disadvantages when technology is developed, there are some great perks too. When technology is taking many fields to places, so is the Internet and Social Media. The Internet is the central network of hundreds of countries and the network is growing far and wide every single day. On the other hand, while the internet provides you many great facilities, one of the greatest creations based on the internet are the social media apps found. Many reputed US reviews report that about 90% of internet users access and use social media.


According to social media statistics of the USA, social media platforms have gained over 490 million users this year, which is a 13.2% increase. Some of the popularly used social media apps used to reach far and wide by businesses and companies of all sorts include Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, Twitter, and of course, the most popular of them, Instagram. But you cannot gain engagement on Instagram and increase it, all by yourself. 


You need some tools, and sometimes, even automation sites to increase your growth. Among many other best sites to buy Instagram followers and increase your popularity, Kicksta and Combined are sites that come up in every search result. This write-up helps you decide which is the best Instagram automation site, by providing you side by side comparison, from which you can conclude. 


Kicksta Vs Combin:

A Brief:

Kicksta is an Instagram automation tool with which you can gain engagement on Instagram. You can increase your number of followers and followers, which will certainly help you increase your chances of getting noticed by many premia, popular, and other high-level profiles. This can certainly help your chances of getting the attention of your competitors and healthily engaging with them.


Combin also provides a similar service and is a desktop tool that helps you choose what sort of services you want to use to gain engagement on Instagram. They help you to get instagram followers and reach functions in an automated way. These engagement tools also help you know more about comments, likes, and follower searches. 



Since Kicksta provides you dashboards, you can easily see your stats in them and the number of followers you gained. You can also know how many people have viewed and liked your recent posts and this will help you understand what kind of posts your audience relates to the most. 

Combin is a desktop app that helps you save your data and info about anything on your desktop. It provides you multiple filters and options that will help you find and target the best audience that suits your brand. You can search everything just by typing in the dates, the basis of the numbers. This makes searching easy. 


Affordability, Plans, and Charges:

One of the advantages of using Combin is that they provide you free trial plans before you subscribe to them. They have multiple plans, which are technically classified into personal and business plans. The pricing is based on the services. Their services are intermediately affordable. Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 11.23.50


Though they are both Instagram automation tools, Kicksta has very different plans from Combin. Kicksta prices are very much affordable and they also provide you with a fourteen-day cashback. If you are not satisfied with their services, you can always request a cashback. Their plans are also very user-friendly and affordable. 



Though Combin reports are safe, sometimes, it can be a statement or agree to disagree. While downloading these kinds of software, sometimes you might find yourself in the middle of a virus infestation. So make sure you check your computer often.


Kicksta very much follows all the safety protocols and they make sure you and your profile are safe. They don't do anything you don't subscribe for, and their records are clean of any dysfunctions.



Kicksta has received an average rating of about 4.7 out of 5, which is an excellent rating. Previous users of this Instagram automation tool have recommended that it is perfect for its reliability. 


Combin has received mixed reviews and the tool itself is easy to use. They have achieved a rating of 2.7 out of 5, which is not much. Though it is a time-efficient service, it has been noticed that it is difficult to unsubscribe them and also troubled users in offloading services. 

Using both Kicksta and Combin, you can manage multiple accounts simultaneously and easily, communicate with your followers and audience, and track your growth, reach, and activity. The features and characteristics given above make them two of the best sites to buy Instagram followers. Make wise choices and select the right one out of the many best sites to buy Instagram followers. Develop your Instagram and reach high. 



According to US surveys, social media platforms gain over 1.3 million users every day. This means it gains about 15.5 new users every second. Social Media apps are great virtual platforms that can be used for various reasons and to solve various issues, which can be both related to your personal and professional life. These social media apps are now the key to mass communication. In the olden days, people had to wait days, and sometimes even months and years to hear from someone. But, now, it is all just a click away. This easy reach facility helps us reach billions in no time, and that is a valuable aspect when it comes to the field of marketing and advertising. So by using these sites to gain engagement on Instagram, you can certainly develop your numbers and that will help you any way you want to monetize your content, business, or anything it may be.