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VIDEO: Weird Lights Flying Over the Delaware River Near Brooklawn and Gloucester City

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BROOKLAWN, NJ--A gentleman named Mark G. took a recent video of  weird lights flying off the Delaware River near the communities of Brooklawn and Gloucester City. It appears the video was shot from the Brooklawn Park near Big Timber Creek.

Could they be UFO's? Steve Flowers, a former resident of Brooklawn will tell you he saw a UFO flying over Brooklawn when he was living here. In 2007, Flowers submitted an article to CNBNews about his experience with seeing that UFO in 1966

An excerpt from that article appears below the Mark G. video.


Weird Lights over Brooklawn NJ from Mark G on Vimeo.

Mike Burkhardt, Larry Burkhardt and I were sitting behind the Brooklawn apartments between 4th and 5th streets smoking cigarettes in August of 1966. It was dark out so the time was probably 9:30 – 10:00pm, (before curfews) and all of a sudden a flying spinning saucer appeared to our right hand sides, EXTREMELY low altitude, (300') with red, green and white halogen color lights.

The vehicle was spinning very rapidly and virtually noiseless outside maybe a slight humming. It stopped about two houses down the street and then came back towards us. At this time we took off as fast as we could back down 4th streets to our houses yelling "flying saucers flying saucers!" The McKibbon's and Murphy's were outside but to our surprise everybody that was outside did not see it. Matter of fact everybody thought we were nuts. We talked about the sighting for a few days but were ridiculed into silence.

Here's what doesn't make sense. We lived in the flight path to Philadelphia airport and at 9 and 12 years old had seen every type of aircraft know to man. What we saw that night I personally had never seen before or after. My family talked me into accepting the UFO as a helicopter but that never made sense.


Editor's Note: In 2018, eleven years after Steve's article was published, a woman named Elaine DePrince wrote the following comment under his story. 

Elaine DePrince said...

The 11 o'clock news that night reported that 10,000 people in the Delaware Valley reported seeing that UF0. I sat outside on Ormond Ave. in East Camden watching with at least 100 people. At first I thought I was seeing a blimp 4 blocks long, until it shot into the air and was out of sight within one or two seconds! I'm glad that Steve had the courage to tell his story. I became a school teacher and children's book author. I was afraid I'd be ostracized. Now that I'm 71 I want to make contact with other people who saw it. My six-year-old brother developed leukemia just days after that sighting and I've always wondered if the leukemia was related to radiation from the UFO.