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The changing consumption habits of cannabis users 


Thanks in large part to the ongoing and useful legalization of cannabis in various countries, current users, and those contemplating use, are placed at a helpful advantage. Now, what was taboo is more openly spoken about. Now, you can be safer, if you tap into professionals providing education on the newest options available as well their health and productivity benefits. 

Technological advancements have taken place in many industries and is making a mark on the cannabis business too by increasing numbers of buyers doing shopping for marijuana seeds online, impacting the nature and variety of consumption habits.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of 113 identified chemical compounds (cannabinoids) in cannabis plants and is one of the 2 key cannabinoids, along with THC. The latter causes the intoxicating sensation of getting “high”, which is associated with marijuana. CBD is non-intoxicating, widening its popularity for pain relief and other symptoms. 

Increasing research and related learning on CBD bear testimony to it now being regarded as a natural remedy used for many common ailments. Diverse in its use, the methods of consumption are also varied, details of which can easily be accessed online, and some are referenced below.



  1. Dab rigs

A dab rig, oil rig, or concentrate pipe is the chamber of a glass pipe, designed specifically for vaporizing cannabis concentrate, through water. Not a new invention, the modern-day pipes include, amongst others, a carb cap, popular amongst users as they enable use at lower temperatures and hold vapor for longer. The high you feel within 10-minutes and lasts for about 2 hours, is more intense than smoking weed. There are a variety of dab extracts, which are determined by the extraction process. Containing both CBD and often very high percentages of THC, this potent form should be carefully consumed, as excess will be harmful and may lead to hospitalization. 


2. Topicals
CBD lotions, oils & sprays, form part of the topical method of consuming cannabis, which is to say that these base products are infused with cannabis. Easily used, they can address pain and inflammation found in specific parts of your body. Its help is via skin absorption and it will not enter the bloodstream. CBD oil is made by extracting it from the cannabis plant and then diluting it with a carrier oil. Long-lasting patches and lubricants are some of the most recent additions to this menu of topicals. Patches with a high concentration of THC will produce a “high”. Other topicals do not cause a euphoric state. Due to different topicals offering different benefits, accessing the wealth of online information should support your sound decision on what is best for you.

3. Edibles
A cannabis edible is food infused with cannabis. Overconsumption is easier than other forms of cannabis use and while they might look like candy, they are not. As the effects of edibles are not instant, carefully manage this delay, to avoid an intake in excess. Similarly, the effects last longer than when smoking marijuana, so guard against tucking into more cookies, brownies, or candy too soon.

4. Tinctures
Long available, a tincture is essentially alcohol infused with cannabis. Recently more popular as they are smokeless and can be made in your home kitchen. Ingested on their own, by placing a few drops onto your tongue, they can also be incorporated into your favorite ice cream, soup, salad dressing, or beverage recipe. It is fast-acting, as it passes into your bloodstream, via the tissue under your tongue. Not as long-lasting as baked goods, they outlast smoking. The ease of managing the quantity via the tincture bottle eyedropper qualifies their popularity amongst those new to use, who are otherwise wary of concentrations, particularly THC. A higher alcohol content more easily dissolves cannabinoids, most useful to this method.


5. Bongs
Centuries long in existence, a bong, also known as a water pipe, is a filtration device used for smoking cannabis. Much has changed in their shape and size; however, they do the same thing. A small bowl holds dried weed that has been crushed by a grinder like the many available at Grasscity, which when lit, combusts. The rest of the process ensures that the smoke is filtered and cooled. Due to the water in this process, the bong offers a smoother experience than the dry heat of a joint and some of the harmful compounds are filtered out through the water.  Don’t be fooled, as you’re still inhaling into your lungs.



No longer does cannabis belong exclusively in a joint form. Diversity of consumption methods, together with professional guidance have expanded its customer base, whether as a recreational user or a patient. The body processes cannabis differently, depending on how it is used. CBD can reduce pain, anxiety, and depression, alleviate cancer-related symptoms, reduce acne, provide added protection for those with neurological disorders, and benefit heart health. Make your selection thoughtfully.