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SEO Title: Is It Worth It Tipping Toronto Movers?  


How Much Should You Tip Your Toronto Movers?

After you have found an apartment and have set a moving day, the next thing to do is to find professional Toronto movers. There are many movers, and most charge differently depending on how many items you are moving, the distance, and your location. 

After identifying a moving company and hiring them, they will send a team to come help with your moving. These people pack your belonging in the old apartment, move them to the new house and unpack. Seeing them doing this much work might make you consider tipping the Toronto movers. But you might not be sure how much you should tip them. Here is a quick guide on how to do it.


  1. What Will The Movers Do

Some moving companies expect you to pack everything, so they will just come to carry your belongings. Others do all the process of packing and moving, and also unpacking in the new apartment. You will want to tip the Toronto movers if they are doing the extra job for you.

You might not feel like they deserve it if they come to move already packed items, from the ground floor to another ground floor in the new house, a process which will take an hour or two only. 

If the movers are also moving many flights of stairs, you can consider tipping. This will be a simple way to show gratitude because of the hard job done. Tipping is not a must-do, that’s why most movers do not expect it. 

  1. How To Determine How Much You Will Give

The will to tip movers should come from you and not the movers asking you for it. Not all Toronto movers deserve the appreciation token, especially if you were not happy with the work done. However, if your movers have gone all the way above and beyond, you can consider showing appreciation through tipping. You can do this if;

  1. They were there at the agreed time and started working immediately even without asking them to start.
  2. They finished moving everything even earlier than the expected time. This shows they worked faster to get the work completed in time.
  3. There were many flights of stairs to be moved in the old apartment and moving into the new one. For the extra work/hard work of climbing the stairs, you should consider tipping them to show appreciation.
  4. They helped you with the packing of the items, and unpacking in the new apartment. This is especially in the cases where that was not part of the work intended for the moving company to carry out.
  5. They took care of all the items, and nothing was damaged during the moving process. This is worth appreciating as the moving process is a delicate process and many things could go wrong.
  6. Their customer service was at its best and are very professional in delivering their services.


  1. Times You Might Not Consider Tipping

There are also times you might not consider tipping the Toronto movers. This happens in cases where they;

  1. Showed up late and took too long to move, then the agreed time
  2. They damaged items and walls in the new house when moving furniture. 
  3. If they are not friendly to you and your family, and to the pets as well
  4. They don’t want to listen and follow your instructions. 
  5. If you are not satisfied with their services


  1. How Much Should You Give?

If you are happy with the services and are considering tipping, there is no set amount to give. However, it is advisable to give equal amounts to every crew. If you don’t know how much to give each, you can give the total amount to one of the members and have them share with the rest. 

An easier way of determining how much to tip them is by the amount of time they have worked. However, other people use some percentage out of the total cost of moving to tip the Toronto movers. 

  1. It Doesn’t Have To Be Money Always

You can also find other ways of tipping, other than money. This could be by giving your movers refreshments to quench their thirst after a long tiring day. You can also cook for them as a nice gesture of appreciation. 

Although tipping can feel awkward, it is a nice thing to do. There is no small or big tip because this is extra cash you are giving to appreciate.