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On July 29, 2021, officers from the Deptford Township Police Department responded to the report of a disturbance at the Adelphia Restaurant on Clements Bridge Road in Deptford Township. As already reported extensively, a private security officer and his canine, employed through a security firm contracted by the restaurant, engaged a patron and were subsequently involved in an altercation with that patron, both at the front entrance and then in the restaurant’s parking lot. The patron subsequently suffered several puncture wounds due to bites from the canine.


Following the incident, the Deptford Township Police Department promptly brought this matter to the attention of the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office, at which time a comprehensive, joint investigation of the facts and circumstances of the encounter was initiated. While that investigation remains ongoing,   probable cause has been established for the issuance of a criminal complaint regarding the actions of the private security officer.  


On August 4, 2021, the Deptford Township Police Department charged the security officer, Steven T.  Rudy, 5/18/88, of Virginia, with Aggravated Assault stemming from his involvement with the events of July 29th at the Adelphia Restaurant. 


     Despite this charge, every defendant is presumed innocent, unless and until found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, following a trial at which the defendant has all of their rights as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and State Law.


Acting Prosecutor Christine Hoffman indicates, “It has been absolutely necessary and appropriate to undertake this investigation at a time when the use of force, and circumstances under which force is deployed, is a topic of extensive public discussion and concern. The patience of our local communities and stakeholders has been of great benefit as we’ve been conducting our investigation. I extend my appreciation and gratitude to the members of the Deptford Township Police Department, under the leadership of Chief Frank Newkirk, who have been fully cooperative and engaged with the investigation and conducted themselves with professionalism and restraint while community members have gathered at the restaurant to have their voices and concerns heard.”

Acting Prosecutor Hoffman adds, “Of special note and value is the effective partnership we maintain between my office, local law enforcement, elected officials and President Loretta Winters and the Gloucester County branch of the NAACP, with whom we have been in close and constant contact since the events at Adelphia on July 29th. President Winters and her organization have been instrumental in longstanding, joint efforts to build bridges, trust and understanding across the breadth of our diverse Gloucester County communities.” 

Chief Newkirk of the Deptford Township Police Department states, “The Deptford Township Police Department embraces the importance of freedom of speech, peaceful assembly and community engagement. Our officers have worked hard to achieve the right balance in addressing the protests which have taken place at Adelphia since July 29th. In the interest of those who gather, as well as the officers on scene, we are committed to constant communication and cooperation so that all involved, as well as patrons of the restaurant and those traveling on Clements Bridge Road, remain safe and secure.”