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South Broadway and George Street 

WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOCIETY TODAY?  Sitting on the curb at South Broadway and George Street on Monday morning was this disgusting-looking pile of garbage.   Just a few feet away is a trash receptacle,  apparently, the slob that left this crap on the sidewalk is not a member of the Green Generation.  We can also say with certainty the person has no respect for the community of Gloucester City.

According to multiple sources on the internet “Generation Green,” millennials and Gen Z supposedly demonstrate environmentally and socially conscious consumer behavior. With rising spending power and digitally-enhanced information access, they are translating awareness into conscientious, organic, and environment-friendly product choices. In fact, industry watchers believe that association with ethical and eco-friendly choices is becoming the new status symbol for young consumers and an expression of their identity. 

Walk a few more blocks north towards Market Street turn right on Market Street and you'll find another individual that could care less about our community.  Below are two days of trash piled alongside the Soul Food business at 738 Market Street. City administrator Brian Morrell was asked why this business is not mandated to have a dumpster for their trash. His answer was shocking, "the city has no law mandating a business to have one."  Well, mayor and council maybe it is time for Gloucester City to take a stand and pass a law requiring dumpsters for all commercial businesses. 

Community Pride starts at the top!

The trash piled by the owner of The Soul Food business, at 738 Market Street, it is apparent he has the blessing of the local government. According to Police Chief/City Administrator Morrell, no law requires businesses in this city to put their waste material and garbage in a trash receptacle.

FURTHER, ON MARKET STREET, a few feet from the railroad crossing, another slob poured a can of white paint on the sidewalk and street.  Meander further towards Cold Springs Drive, you'll find another pile of trash a few feet from the cemetery.  Daily 100s of people travel both Market Street and Broadway, they are the main thoroughfares coming in and out of our City.

First impressions are lasting impressions and sadly these images do not give a good perception of our community.   

How do you stop the trash problem in Gloucester City? Does anyone have the answer?


IMG_6652A bucket of paint was thrown on the sidewalk and street across from Lighthouse Baptist Church

IMG_6645A pile of trash on Market Street near the cemetery




SAINT MARY CHURCH, Monmouth and Atlantic Streets

NIGHT-TIME PHOTOS OF GLOUCESTER CITY--Take a ride around Gloucester City at night so peaceful. The steeple on the top of Saint Mary Church, Monmouth, and Atlantic Streets is beautiful.  Saint Mary has the distinction of being the first Catholic parish in the Camden Diocese founded in 1848.  (See the history of Saint Mary) 


THE GLOUCESTER CITY MEMORIAL WALK-On the same night we took the photo of the church we also this pretty scene at Proprietors Park, King Street. If you are wondering where Peyton is she is fast asleep on the bed in the back of the van. 





Gloucester City Memorial Walk at Proprietors Park, King, and Jersey Avenues


THE COMMUNITY PARKS IN BROOKLAWN AND WESTVILLE are well kept. As we strolled through both parks the first thing we noticed was the gravel stone pathways.  Earlier this year Gloucester City was talking about major improvements to the Johnson Boulevard Jogging Track across from Martin's Lake. The asphalt walkway is full of cracks and bumps. It is more like a cattle path than a jogging track. As we know from the past so many improvement plans in Gloucester City never get any further than the talking stage.  A gravel walkway at the jogging track seems like a good idea, it would be a lot cheaper than asphalt or cement, and easier to maintain.  If the city cut down the vegetation along Newton Creek you would have a scenic area with minimum costs. 


The Deplorable Johnson Blvd. Jogging Track; The City is Analyzing the Costs to Repair It


IMG_6622Brooklawn Park is located on the embankment of Timber Creek.  The playground was clean, no trash, and the grass was neatly groomed. (photos top and bottom)


Brooklawn Community Park, in the distance, is the gazebo, playground, and boat ramp.

The Michael R. Galbraith Park, on River Drive, Westville. Mr. Galbraith died on June 13, 2008, at the age of 54. Mike served the Borough of Westville on Borough Council since 1992 and as Council President and then-Mayor since 2007. He enjoyed memberships with Westville Little League and Soccer, Lions Club, and Gloucester County Democratic Committee. The park was dedicated in his memory in September 2008. 


The Michael R. Galbraith Park, River Drive, Westville. The park overlooks the Big Timber Creek, it consists of a gravel walkway, gazebo, and small pier. Galbraith was elected to the position of Mayor in 2007. He died on June 13, 2008, at the age of 54


IMG_6651 2

EVERYONE KNEW THIS WAS COMING--Jack's Twin Bar, 200 South Broadway at Market Street has been condemned. The City of Gloucester City condemned it on August 9, 2021; the building was declared unsafe for human occupancy. We spoke with Councilman Bowie Johnson about the sign below suggesting that the city removed and place it in storage. Johnson said because the city doesn't own the building it can't do that.

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 20.13.15

(Gloucester City, NJ)(November 22, 2020)(CNBNews)--After years of neglect Jack's Twin Bar, Broadway, and Market Street are nearing the end. The condition of the building looks like it is beyond repair. Peeking through the window on the Broadway side you can see broken pieces of sheetrock mixed with leaves. Most likely the leaves got into the building through one of the many holes in the roof.  On Market Street, the siding, along with the capping over the soffit is falling off. Plus a stove pipe has broken down and is leaning into the next property. Trees and vegetation are slowly starting to cover the structure.   (READ ARTICLE)



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