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More and more retirees from outside the EU want to live in Spain permanently or for long periods of time. The Americans and the English (who now find themselves in a rather particular situation) are the non-EU citizens who come to Spain the most, looking for a different way of life and good health care.

Fortunately, for all those retirees whose countries do not belong to the EU, there are several ways to live in Spain, depending on where they are from, which we are going to see.

The non-profit visa

One of the best ways to live as a retiree in Spain is through what is called the non-profit visa.

It is necessary to fulfill a Spain retirement visa income requirement which is a minimum of €27.115,20, which rises to €33.894 in the case of a couple.

In addition, the person who wants to obtain this residence permit cannot work (he/she can only do it through telecommuting if the company is not in Spain) and cannot receive any other funds apart from his/her retirement.

As it can be seen, this visa is the most suitable to live in Spain permanently, without worries for if we have exceeded the number of days of permanence in the country that another type of visa allows us.

Schengen Visa

There are some countries that are not in the EU, but are within the Schengen area, such as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

Norwegian retirees love Spain, and in fact in the Levant there is a very large community of Norwegians living for years, so much so that they even have political representation.

For these citizens and as long as they do not want to live permanently in Spain, the Schengen visa is available.

With it, every six months they can reside in Spain for three months. When they enter and leave the country, their passport is stamped, so that every year they will be able to reside in Spain for half a year, more than enough time to spend the summer months here and escape the cold winter of their places of residence.

A specialized office can help us with the paperwork

These procedures are never easy, especially if you are from another country and speak another language. In addition, in the case of British citizens everything is more complicated due to the Brexit and the fact that the agreements on the exit of the United Kingdom are still not one hundred percent clear.

Therefore, we believe it is best to contact a law firm like My Spain Visa, with many years of experience processing residence permits for foreign citizens who want to spend their retirement in Spain.

The process is complex, since it is necessary to be able to collect the pension in Spain and in the case of retirees to leave well tied everything related to medical care, which is always essential but it is even more so at this age.

In order not to make mistakes, which can cause fines or even expulsion from the country, it is always better to leave everything in the hands of specialists who can take care of everything and clarify all the doubts that may arise.