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Gloucester City Police Assist CCPO High Tech Unit with Processing Resident on Child Porn Charges

CNBNews EDITOR'S NOTE: The information below was obtained from an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request submitted by CNBNews for the Gloucester City police activity log between the dates of July 8 and July 15.  During this time period, there was a shooting in Gloucester City, and a woman was rescued from the Delaware River at Freedom Pier.

Links to those articles are here: 

Gloucester City Police and Firefighter Rescue Woman from Delaware River

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The police department stopped issuing a weekly crime report some time ago. As such CNBNews has been filing OPRA requests to obtain the information. For this most recent request we received 88 pages with 444 incidents listed, and, we narrowed those down to what we feel are newsworthy. Police issued 132 sweeper tickets during this period.  You won't find this information anywhere else but here. 




JULY 13-Officer Joseph Hopkins assisted the Camden County Prosecutors Office (CCPO )High Tech Unit with processing Gerald Cameron, of Lehigh Avenue, on child pornography charges.


JULY 15-report of five broken window panes at Camden International Commodities on Jersey Avenue. 


JULY 15-Theft of tools from a camper on Hudson Street.


JULY 15-Two females report their mutual ex-boyfriend is posting nude photos of them on the internet.


JULY 15-Motor Vehicle accident at Burlington and Market Streets involving injury. The driver fled but was arrested and charged with CDS and fleeing an accident.


JULY 15-Theft of tools from vehicle on Hudson Street.


JULY 15-An emotionally disturbed person believed a cattle prod was stuck through the floorboards of their apartment and burned her leg while she was sleeping. 


JULY 15-Burglary to a vehicle at South Broadway.


JULY 15-Unknown person entered an unlocked apartment and stole $25 from a wallet on Broadway.


JULY 15-Several windows were damaged at the former Thermoseal property at 600 Jersey Avenue.


JULY 15-Numerous sweeper summons was issued on Burlington Street, Sussex Street, King Street, and Jersey Avenue.


JULY 1-Two unknown Hispanic males cut out the catalytic converter from a vehicle parked on the 100 block of Market Street.


JULY 14-Theft of a tip jar at Cabana Water Ice on Broadway.


JULY 14-Juvenile made up a story about a luring attempt to avoid getting in trouble for coming home late.


JULY 14-Motor vehicle accident at Route 130 and Klemm Avenue. No injuries.


JULY 14-Shoplifting offense at the Royal Farms on Route 130. The suspects disguised their appearance and their vehicle had fictitious tags. 


JULY 14-Jordan Murphy was arrested for an NCIC warrant out of Gloucester County Sheriff's Department.


JULY 13-Large fight at Burlington and Monmouth Streets. A male was assaulted by three unidentified black males while trying to break up the fight.


JULY 13-Two arrested for CDS possession and contempt at Railroad Avenue.


JULY 13-Caller’s driver-side window was smashed overnight on 8th Street.


JULY 13-32 sweeper tickets were issued along Bergen Street, Ridgeway Street, Powell Street, Chambers Avenue, Mercer Street, Essex Street, Warren Street, N. Filmore Street, and Sherman Street.


JULY 12-9 sweeper tickets were issued on Hunter Street, Division Street, Thompson Avenue, and Stites Avenue.


JULY 12-Nine sweeper tickets were issued along Powell Street, Chambers Avenue, and Middlesex Street. 


JULY 12-17 sweeper tickets were issued along Mercer Street, Morris Street, Essex Street, and Warren Street.


JULY 12-A vehicle struck a 2-year-old on the 300 block of Market Street. Treated at the hospital for multiple fractures. Driver issued a summons for failure to report.


JULY 12-Theft of a mobility scooter from a yard on Bergen Street. 


JULY 11-Shoplifting at Dollar General on Broadway. 


JULY 11-Parked vehicle struck Middlesex Street.


JULY 11-Shoplifting by two individuals at CVS on Broadway.


JULY 11-Male was assaulted with a bat and hit by a vehicle after walking into someone's yard on Broadway and using their hose.


JULY 11-Ranard Bayard was arrested for driving with a suspended license.


JULY 11-Caller found a blue Mongoose BMX style bike leaning on her fence.


JULY 10-Theft of a package on King Street. The video shows a black female taking the package.


JULY 10-Report of a stolen vehicle from the 300 block of Monmouth Street. Vehicle located in Newport, Maine the following day.


JULY 9-Seven sweeper tickets were issued on Atlantic Street, Joy Street, Ellis Street, and 4th Street.


JULY 9-26 sweeper tickets were issued along 3rd Street, S. Burlington Street, Ridgeway Street, Sussex Street, Broadway, King Street, and Jersey Avenue.


JULY 8-Two car accidents at Essex and Collins Road. Following a police investigation, it was determined that Jamaul R. Aikens allegedly attempted to cause bodily harm to the people in the other car by crashing into them.


JULY 8-Individuals going door to door and stating they are from PSE&G near 1400 Route 130.


JULY 8-Hit and run car crash 1400 Route 130. The suspect vehicle was located unoccupied in the Motel 6 parking lot. The owner of the vehicle issued multiple summonses.


JULY 8-Two rifles belonging to a resident's father were turned over to police custody.


JULY 8-20 sweeper tickets were issued along 3rd Street, Burlington Street, Sussex Street, 4th Street, King Street, Jersey Avenue, Broadway, and Ridgeway Street.


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