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Joe Townsend (JT) Long-Time Gloucester City, Brooklawn, Bellmawr Letter Carrier Headed to Greener Pastures

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews


GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (August 27, 2021)--Joe Townsend, aka  JT, has finally decided the time has come to end his lustrous career as a Letter Carrier. His last day will be Saturday, August 28. Joe actually started with the post office when they had the Pony Express. Yep, he has been around that long. Ask him he will gladly show you the blisters he got from that saddle, back in the day.

On second thought, that is not a pretty sight, it is best you don't. 

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GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ The Gloucester City Post Office crew, year unknown. Front row - (L. to R.) Bob Valario, Mike Foley, Chris Litle, Tim King, George Cleary, Mike Rofrano, Linda Shiflet.

Back row - Ray Swanson, Carl Reiman, Cliff Prescott, Joe Townsend, John McLeer, Steve Lipski, Joe Sloan, Eric Waters.  Letter carriers no longer work out of the Gloucester City Post Office. A few years ago they were moved to a building on Mount Ephraim Avenue, Camden City 

But his actual employment records show that the first day he clocked in was in 1982 when he entered the Gloucester City Post Office. His first boss was Postmaster Carmen Marchionne. Joe was first hired as a stamp licker. He didn't actually lick stamps but he did have to check each stamp to make sure it had enough glue on it before it could be sold to a customer.

Joe eventually moved up to the next level, mailman. Under the tutelage of John Newcome, George Cleary, Steve Lipski, Eric Waters, Tom Danaher, the twin Mikes (Foley and Rofrano), all legends of the trade, he got excellent training.  There is a knack to being a mailman, a letter carrier. It is not as easy as looks. There are actually trade secrets you need to learn before you are sent into the field. There is not enough space or time to explain that training.  But, in the days when Joe was breaking in you had to know where to hide when you finished delivering your route.  If you come back too early the bosses would make you go back out there, with another load. Those mentioned knew the best spots to stay out of sight. In fact, one of the reasons Townsend lasted 39 years was because he was so good at hiding.  Need proof? Look at the photo above, where is Joe?

JT, that was his undercover handle when working as the photographer for the local newspaper and ClearysNotebook (CNBNews). He is a good guy and all who knew him are happy that his wife has finally allowed him to retire. 

Best of Luck Joe!



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