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CNBNews Editorial: The Washington Bureaucrats and Intelligence Agencies Fail Once Again (see video)


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Watch people hanging on the wheels of an airplane fall from the sky to the ground... video courtesy of  Indian Times https://www.indiatimes.com

As we watched the downfall of Afghanistan it brought to mind so many of the blunders made by the United States Intelligence Community in years gone by.


As more media reports are released we have learned that our spies should have known that the Taliban had an overwhelming number of soldiers in the mountains and valleys of this god-forsaken country just waiting for the signal to attack.  

Screen Shot 2021-08-15 at 18.53.36Taliban ride into Kabul with no resistance from the Afghanistan Army (photo courtesy of VICTOR J. BLUE FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL


They should have been aware that the 300,000 man Afghanistan Army wasn't prepared to fight for their country even though the American taxpayers spent trillions of dollars training them and sacrificed 1000s of US lives defending their country.



Instead, they allowed President Biden to proclaim numerous times that there was no way this group of religious fanatics could ever gain control.


Based on what we have learned one has to question whether or not Biden knew this was going to happen? If so, that would explain why he stayed hidden at Camp David during this travesty. 


During the campaign, he emphasized the depth of his credentials on foreign policy, as a former chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and eight years as vice president.


"The likelihood there's going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely," Biden said last month. He declared, "There's going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy … of the United States in Afghanistan."


The "hasty rush to the exit" that he promised wouldn't happen was precisely what Americans saw in the scenes from Kabul, raising questions about the quality of the intelligence the United States had gathered and the contingency plans it had made, wrote Susan Page, in USA TODAY, August 15.


Today we learned that, according to the Wall Street Journal, In late June, a stark new intelligence estimate said the government of President Ashraf Ghani could collapse in as soon as six months after the U.S. withdrew its troops from Afghanistan.


By last week, with the Taliban rapidly taking over provincial capitals, a revised estimate gave the Ghani government as little as a month to survive. On Sunday, Mr. Ghani fled the country as Taliban troops entered Kabul wrote the reporter. 


The U.S. taxpayers employ 18 intelligence agencies, and yet, time and time again they have continually dropped the ball. Maybe they need more help. Of course we are being facetious. 


Here are just some of those mistakes:


1985-85-Because of Aldrich Ames the CIA lost every spy it had in Eastern Europe

1991-The Gulf War, a CIA mistake compromised their agents; the US was not aware of Iraqi capabilities

1993-North Tower of World Trade Center Bombed

1996-US had several chances to kill Osama bin Laden but failed

1998-India's second nuclear test

1999-Black Hawk Down

2001-The destruction of the Twin Towers

2003-No mass destruction weapons in Iraq 

2010-The Senate Intelligence Committee found 14 intelligence failures leading up to the attempted Christmas Day attack aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253 over Detroit

2012-Benghazi (Libya) Ansar al-Sharia attacked the American diplomatic compound

And if the fall of Kabul wasn't enough for the soldiers who fought in Afghanistan to watch a gloating Taliban leader stated on Sunday from the Kabul palace, "I spent eight years in Guantanamo Bay", as the militants declared an Islamic state of Afghanistan after the country's president joined thousands of Afghan nationals in a mass exodus reported the Daily Mail.  


Going back to December 7,  1941 when Japan launched a suprise attack on Pearl Harbor to the present there have been millions of Americans who have died because of these miss evaluations by these so called intelligent agencies. Yet no one is held responsible.  


Those career Washington DC politicians continue to be elected to office by any means possible. And they in turn continue to name and reappoint the same Generals, Admirals and others that have let us down again, and again, to head these agencies. 


In the meantime the souls of the American Heroes that these Washington bureaucrats have allowed to die cry out for justice.





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