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Avalon's Coastal Flood Advisory

AVALON, NJ--(August 21, 2021)--A Coastal Flood Advisory is in effect for the shore area from Saturday at 7 pm until early Sunday morning.  Minor tidal flooding is possible at times of the high tide.  High tide occurs at Townsend’s Inlet Bridge at 8:12 pm on Saturday.

Please continue to monitor various advisories and alerts regarding this storm.  Never drive on a flooded street as this puts you and your vehicle at risk, and can cause a wake that damages public and public property.  Beach blocks in Avalon’s north end are prone to temporary flooding during heavy rainfall events.  Other portions of Avalon are impacted by tidal flooding including but not limited to portions of Ocean Drive, west of the 21st and 25th street bridges, and portions of the downtown business district.

Rough surf and rip tides are expected.  Follow all instructions provided by the Beach Patrol.  Never enter the ocean unless you are in the presence of a lifeguard.  Windy conditions are possible Saturday night.  Secure any objects on your property that could be prone to gusty winds.

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