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4 Great Foodie Gifts for Vegans


More and more people are moving towards a vegan diet as concerns over animal welfare and the impact mass farming has on the environment increase. For those who haven't adopted a vegan lifestyle, it can be hard sometimes when thinking about what to cook for them or get them as gifts if they are food lovers. However, with so many more vegan products being available on the mass market, it is much easier than you might think to get them the perfect gifts – and if you have a vegan foodie in your life, here are some things you can get them in the future. Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 9.22.08

  1. Recipe Books

A lot of people look up recipes on the internet these days, which is great, but there is still something satisfying about having a physical recipe book to look through and put on your kitchen shelf. If your vegan friend or relative loves to cook, then getting them one or two vegan recipe books is a great idea. Some dishes they might be familiar with, but others will be completely new to them and allow them to experiment, which is always fun for someone who enjoys cooking.

  1. Vegan Chocolates

Chocolates might seem like a cop-out gift, but on the contrary, a box of quality chocolates can be perfect as they are there to be savored. Of course, a lot of chocolates aren't vegan as they use animal products as part of their ingredients, but there are some incredible chocolatiers out there who are catering to vegans, and this is becoming more and more popular even with big-name brands. So, if the vegan in your life has a sweet tooth, then getting them some top-quality vegan chocolate could be the ideal gift.

  1. Take the to a Vegan Food Festival

This is a great gift not only because it's the opportunity to try out various vegan vendors and food suppliers, but it's also a fun day out that you can enjoy together. If there is a vegan food festival going on near you, or there is one particular event that your friend or relative is interested in, get tickets and go together. You can eat and drink to your heart's content and see just how versatile and amazing vegan food can be. You'll also be supporting independent businesses, which is just a great bonus.

  1. A Selection of Vegan Wines and Beers

A good wine or beer often complements a certain dish, so a selection of these can be yet another great gift for food lovers everywhere. However, some wines and beers aren't vegan due to some of the ingredients used when they are fined, which is what helps these beverages to become clearer and gets rid of things that can affect the taste and aroma. So, if you want to treat them to some fine wines and/or beers, then make sure you're getting them a selection of vegan products by checking the ingredients. 

If you have vegan friends and relatives who love foodie gifts, consider the suggestions above to make sure that you're getting them something that they will love and will fit in with their dietary requirements and lifestyle.