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How did a bunch of little things turn into a “BIG THING” in our community?
New Jersey Who's Got Talent Coming to Gloucester City Saturday

Gloucester City Police Asked About Upcoming Entertainment Venue Being Held at Soulfood Profection Business

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We didn't know this venue was coming to Gloucester City until you contacted us,"

~Police Chief Brian Morrell



William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews


The Chosen Profection Soul Food store, 738 Market Street  The occupancy allowance for the building is 75 people. The parking lot in front of the property will hold about 8 to 9 cars.  This Saturday coming New Jersey's Got Talent will be holding an entertainment venue at that location. (photo credit CNBNews, July 25, 2021).



GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (July 29, 2021)(CNBNews)--Because there was a problem with a party held earlier in the month at the Soulfood Profection business, we asked Gloucester City Police Chief Brian Morrell, who is also the city administrator, if the police had any worries about the planned event scheduled there Saturday.

July 3, police received a call from a person who said there was a large crowd gathered at the business, some of them teenagers allegedly drinking alcohol.

Officers Johanna James, William C. Johnson, and Keith Wall responded to the first call. The report states, "A large juvenile party was occurring. Charron Fisher the owner, said no alcohol was being served to the juveniles. The owner was advised that the party was too large and it had to be shut down. Fisher agreed to send people home. Fisher was told the housing officer was going to be notified. Police told the owner, 


New Jersey Who's Got Talent Music and Networking is sponsoring an entertainment venue at Soul Food Profection, Saturday. The entertainment for the day will consist of performers from the South Jersey area.


Below are a series of questions submitted to Morrell along with his answers:


QUESTION: Did the owner of the Soul Food business, 738 Market Street, obtain a permit to hold the July 3 event that attracted 200 people. 


CHIEF MORRELL: There are no permits required to obtain


The first time the officers were called to that location on Saturday, July 3 for underage drinking the owner (insert name) was told to shut the party down, but yet two hours later officers had to come back and again tell the owner to shut down the party.  


QUESTION: Was the owner cited for not obeying the officer's first order?  


CHIEF MORRELL: The business owner was charged with a certificate of occupancy violations, property maintenance violations.


QUESTION: Was the owner cited for not having the proper receptacle for his trash and recyclables?  


CHIEF MORRELL: No ordinance requires commercial property owners to have a receptacle.


QUESTION: Does Soulfood Profession need a permit to hold the upcoming event New Jersey Has Talent on  Saturday?  


CHIEF MORRELL: No permit would be required for them to obtain.


QUESTION: When was the City told that New Jersey has talent was coming to Gloucester City?  


CHIEF MORRELL: I was made aware of the event when you sent your email on July 26, 2021.


QUESTION: Will extra police officers be required to secure the area and keep traffic flowing? And, if so who will pay for the officers, the city taxpayers, or the host of the event?


CHIEF MORRELL: There will be officers working both day shift and night shift, as they normally would be, with the possibility for extra officers being brought on duty if the need should arise.


QUESTION: Where will people who attend this event park their vehicles?


CHIEF MORRELL: Either in the parking lot of the business or on the street so long as the vehicles are legally parked.


QUESTION: Do you know how many people are expected for this show on Saturday?


 CHIEF MORRELL:  The maximum occupancy for the building is 76 people, but that number does not pertain to the entirety of the property.  You’d have to ask the event organizer for their expectations.


QUESTION: When the Soul Food business applied for a certificate of occupancy for the building what kind of business did they say was opening. 


CHIEF MORRELL: Soul food restaurant


QUESTION: Was the city aware that the Soulfood Restaurant would be holding venues like the one on July 3?  And, the one planned for Saturday, July 31? 





To: Mr. Ackley, Gloucester City Housing Office, Acting Mayor Patrick Keating, and Members of City Council

Gloucester City Police Asked About Upcoming Entertainment Venue Being Held at Soulfood Profection Business

How did a bunch of little things turn into a “BIG THING” in our community?