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Want to Get Thousands of Likes on Instagram? Look how you can make it



Instagram is more of a visual social media channel, where one can see the most creative, stunning images and videos. Becoming a celebrity on Instagram is quite challenging and fun at the same time. 


You must know how to garner attention and increase the engagement rate to get likes on your post. 

One of the most recent successful Instagram celebrities is Leena Nersesian who has more than 2 million followers. You can check out the Lena The Plug bio here. If you too want to get thousands of likes just like her account, then you should read this article to know how you can make it possible. 


Instagram users are generally quick to respond and engage and share any images or videos they love with their friends and groups. A well-liked image or video can soon go viral making its creator popular or an instant celebrity. In this blog, we share a few tips on how you too can get thousands of likes on Instagram.


Use well-researched hashtags

While you may create the best and most creative content, it will not become popular or go viral till people don’t discover it and share it. Mass distribution and marketing of the content you create is the key to being a successful Instagram influencer, and something that you need to pay as equal attention to as creating good content.


One of the best ways to publicize and make your content more discoverable as per experts is to use well-researched and relevant hashtags with all your posts. The best and most popular hashtags attract a large number of people, thereby increasing the popularity and views of your content. Just make sure that the hashtag you use is relevant to the content you are using or it may backfire on you and lead to people avoiding your postings.


  • Analyze successful posts and repeat the best practices

Analyzing your published Instagram content will help you understand which posts have worked the best and been liked and shared by the maximum number of people. While you need not create similar content, adapting the same style and design may help future posts also to stand out and get popular. 


  • Check the best scheduling time for your posts

Doing an in-depth analysis of all successful posts will also help you understand the best time to publish your posts so that they attract the maximum number of viewers. You can also have different posting schedules as per the type of content you are sharing so that it reaches the specific audience it has been created for. You can also try out different scheduling times to identify the time that works best for you and your audience. 


  • Create content with your specific audience in mind 

Just following the best formats and schedules will not help make your content go viral and generate thousands of likes. You also need to ensure that it connects with the specific audience it was created for so that they really look forward to your content and share it with others.