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Top 5 Common Labeling Mistakes to Avoid

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Whether you’re a product manager of a large business or a small business owner, experiencing problems with your product labeling is very common. Remember that labels are one of the most important elements of your product. Not only it will showcase the effectiveness and beauty of the product but also generate a positive emotion amongst potential customers. 

If you don’t resolve your labeling issues, it will quickly turn into a nightmare of your business marketing strategy. From its initial stages of applying to the point of sale, every step of the labeling process is very important until something goes wrong. And if the labeling methods go wrong, it will create major branding issues for your company. It will decrease the revenue of your business as well as you might face government fines. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 common product labeling issues that you need to avoid. Even though this article does not cover all the possible issues, but avoiding these common mistakes will undoubtedly help you to create a better label marketing strategy. 

Your Label is Irrelevant for the Surface

The surface of your labels is as important as the application process itself. Remember that each surface is different with its challenges. For different surfaces, your label must require different adhesive or label material. For instance, if you’re focusing to apply the label on a glass surface, you need to consider the surface energy. So, the label adhesive should be different than the others. This is why you need to identify the structure of the surface before designing the labels. Many business owners forget to determine the surface and end up creating an irrelevant label. Determining the material quality and adhesive will ensure the longevity of your labels. 

The Environment Is Incorrect

Even you have the perfect adhesive and label material; they might not be perfect for the environment. There are tons of factors you need to keep in mind before starting the label applying process. Some specific adhesives won’t work at normal temperatures so you need to create an artificial temperature while applying them. On the other hand, some adhesives cannot perform well in a cold or warm environment. You need to take these matters into considerations so that you can select the right adhesive. As per Explain That Stuff, adhesives work through cohesive forces

You need to also watch out for dust, dirt, or moisture as they can also affect the adhesives. The product itself can impose a threat alongside the environment. Hence, you need to make sure that the surface is clean and the temperature is moderate while applying labels. 

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Wrong Unwind Direction

If the label rolls aren’t oriented perfectly, your label marketing would go in vain even if you clean the surface and use relevant temperature. Since labels are printed on rolls, it’s important to consider how you can apply them to your container. If you don’t focus on the direction, you might end up with an incorrect unwind direction that will affect the placement of the labels. 

In other words, the unwind direction works as the orientation of your labels. Depending on the application equipment, you will need a particular unwind direction. Make sure you visualize the application process. This way you can determine the correct unwind position. 

You Work with the Wrong Company

This is one of the most common mistakes business owners make while choosing their labels. Many business owners become so impatient that they end up selecting the wrong company for their labels. A wrong company will not only print low-quality labels but also uses bad material. As a result, it will decrease the lifespan of the labels. Hence, you should always check the quality of wholesale labels before choosing the company. Try reading some online reviews or discuss with the manager of the company. This way you can know the details better. 

The UPC Isn’t Right

UPCs are one of the most common features of retail products. It’s best for your marketing strategy when you determine the effectiveness of UPC towards your product. However, people make mistakes with the UPC in their labels because they neglect the importance of contrast and barcode. 

If you want to ensure the barcode quality, you need to verify your labels throughout the printing process. Make sure your barcode symbols are established in a manner that will allow you to evaluate multiple attributes. Additionally, if you think that you need to reduce the size of the UPC, you need to maintain the aspect ratio by reducing the height and weight proportionally. Otherwise, the quality of the barcode will be reduced and the scanners won’t be able to scan them. Include an element on both the right and left sides of the UPC so that it can stay in the quiet zone. Quiet zones should not contain any graphics or marks. 


These are the top 5 common labeling mistakes you need to avoid. Preventing these mistakes will save you a lot of effort and money. So, if you encounter any of these mistakes in the future, make sure you solve them as soon as possible.