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There is nothing more important than health: a good or bad quality of life depends on it. Fortunately, today, thanks to medical advances, everyone has access to tests and it is possible to identify an illness before it becomes serious.

Companies like Ekuore are working every day to improve diagnostic devices and create new ones, such as the Digital Stethoscope Ekuore, for the evaluation of different diseases. Tests that adapt to new technologies and improve both the speed of diagnosis and the ease of use of these same devices.

With our feet in the future

The connection of healthcare devices to smart devices such as smartphones or tablets is a fact that is already possible today thanks to the development of companies such as Ekuore.

One of the highlights of the company's work in recent years has been the creation of the Digital Stethoscope Ekuore, a digital stethoscope that was a revolution for telehealth in 2012, the year in which the development tested for professional use appeared.

Designed both for human health and for use in veterinary spaces, the Digital Sthethoscope allows remote auscultation thanks to the possibility of the data recorded by the device appearing directly on the screen to be analyzed by the healthcare professional.

This, in addition to encouraging remote consultations and facilitating teleworking, has been truly essential in recent months in the fight against the coronavirus, due to the possibility of performing the analyses while maintaining the recommended meters of separation to avoid transmission of the virus.

A path of advances and developments

But the digital stethoscope is not Ekuore's only breakthrough. The company has other devices that are used on a daily basis in healthcare centers, as well as continuously working with pharmaceutical companies or reference hospitals such as La Fe, in Madrid, to develop tools that represent real advances in the treatment and diagnosis of complex diseases such as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis or heart murmurs.

All this commitment to the forefront has led Euroke to sign a trajectory of almost a decade in which its developments have even been awarded by the European Commission as they represent a positive advance for the daily work of health professionals and an improvement in their ability to diagnose thanks to the precision service that automatically dumps the data into the computer.

The aim of Ekuore is to accelerate the early detection of many of the cardiac and pneumological ailments that pose a major problem for the healthcare system and reduce the quality of life of patients.

The use of algorithms and artificial intelligence combined is at the basis of all the developments of the company, whose team believes that in the study of clinical data and thorough analysis thanks to digital diagnostic collection lies the answer to the needs for improved treatment. Devices such as the Ekuore Digital Sthethoscope demonstrate this.