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Strategies to Win Online Slots with Small Stakes

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Most players have a limited gaming budget. Therefore, in order to squeeze out the maximum pleasure and get as many victories as possible, you need know how to competently manage your budget. One of the options to make your deposit last longer is to play with small stakes. However, for this tactic to work, you need to develop a set of clear rules which will determine the success of your game.

Ratio of rates and pay lines

First of all, you need to learn how to calculate the chances of winning. As you may already know, the biggest wins occur in bonus games. Most of the online slot machines are programmed to provide a bonus game to the player every 140-150 spins. Meaning, you need to spend an average of 140-150 spins per game before you have a chance to hit a big jackpot. Therefore, your budget should be at least 150 spins.

Slots with different returns

Basically, online slots are divided into three types. The first type with a low margin of return is made up of online slots, which have many winning combinations, but low odds. For example, there are about 200 combinations in total, but each of them increases your bet only by 2 times. The second type consists of slots with balanced indicators of combinations and payments. In other words, there will be fewer winning combinations, but more wins. The third type is slot machines that will give you little chance of winning. But if the player gets a winning combination, then the winning is huge.

Based on this division, you must carefully choose the most suitable slot for you. If your budget is small, the first type is the most appropriate for you – you will gain profit with small wins. At the same time, when playing on slot machines with a large pay-out difference, you can lose the entire deposit without ever reaching the big win. Using casino bonuses is another great option. Almost every online casino offers welcome bonuses to their new and old customers. The most profitable ones are those that promise to increase your first deposit by 2 or 3 times. Such welcome bonuses, for example, are offered by top online casinos in Latvia.

This is a great way to play the slot machines with minimal investment. However, each player should carefully read the terms & conditions on how to receive the bonus. Some of the conditions forbid to play with small stakes and immediately require you to make the maximum bet or to bet in the amount of bonus.
In this case, there is a way out – look for no deposit bonuses. The casino offers you a free sign-up bonus for you to try games. Meaning, you are given free cash to bet on real money games. Thus, even if the bonus is taken away from you later, the game funds will remain on your account.


It is necessary to remember that sooner or later the gambling session must end. Ideally, this session should end with a plus. It is mandatory to control the course of the game if you would like to continue playing without a loss. For example, you can set yourself a specific goal - to get a profit of an exact amount of money. Then immediately withdraw money from the casino once reached. This way you will have money on hand, and your deposit will remain afloat.