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SMOK G-Priv Pod Kit VS SMOK G-Priv Pro Pod Kit

6a00d8341bf7d953ef027880351837200d-800wiAre you watching to buy a pod mod kit? If yes! You are at the best place to eliminate all your confusion. You can find a lot of such devices available at an online vape shopBut choosing one of them is a tedious job. However, two devices are always on the headlines. Yes! They are the G-Priv Pod Kit and G-Priv Pro Kit by SMOK.


Well, you may not find much difference in the specs of these two vape devices. But this column here will help you compare and buy the best one amongst these two. So, here have a detailed review from the experts.


When it comes to size, the G-Priv Pro Pod Kit is bigger in measurement. The dimension of the Pro kit is 34x27x123.5 mm. However, compared to the pro kit, G-Priv Pod Kit comes in dimensions of 34.1x27x111.5 mm.


Output is what most of experts look for in a vaping device. It is because the output offers you control over the quantity of vapor that the user will exhale. Thus, the more would be the output, the more amount of vapor can get exhaled. Speaking about the output, both these vape devices have the same output. 5-80W is the constant output that both these vaping devices offer you. 


The battery is an indispensable part of vaping devices. The power that the coil needs to get heated is incomplete without a battery. When the battery provides power to the coil in vape pens, it heats the herb. This offers you maximum vapor. Thus, the battery is an inevitable part that should always get compared. The SMOK G-Priv Pod Kit offers you 2500mAh in terms of battery, and the pro kit uses a 18650 removable battery. That makes it clear that the G-Priv Pod Kit will offer your more efficiency.


Every user would always want the maximum capacity of their vaping devices. The more is the capacity, The more herbs it can hold. Compared to capacity, the G-Priv Pod Kit offers you a greater capacity than the latter one. This is because it offers you 5.5 ml, whereas SMOK G-Priv Pro Kit offers you only 2ml TPD.

Screen Shot 2021-07-03 at 19.59.23Coils

The coil's efficiency also plays a decisive role; a powerful coil will heat up the herb efficiently. This, as a result, will offer you more vapor. You can achieve an LP2 coil range in both vaping devices. However, the pro kit also offers you RPM2 coils separately. RPM2 coils are more efficient in terms of heating. 


Both these vaping devices have the same airflow efficiency. Both of them come with adjustable airflow technology that enhances the experience of the user. 

Final words

Keeping it to the point, this is the review of both vaping devices. If you want better efficiency in capacity and battery life, you should always go for the G-Priv Pod Kit. However, if you want better coil efficiency, you can choose the G-Priv Pro Pod Kit.