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PA POLITICS:Sean Parnell Banks $600K in Half a Quarter

Receives Donations from 97% of Commonwealth's Counties
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Ohio Township, PA - Fifty days ago, combat veteran and author Sean Parnell entered the race for Pennsylvania Senate to fight for Pennsylvanians in Washington like he fought for them in combat. Half a quarter later, Parnell announced the following fundraising numbers from his first report:

Cash on Hand: $597,305.93

Total Receipts: $560,985.65

Number of Donations: 7,064

*Contributions for 65/67 counties

"I am so grateful for the outpouring of support for my campaign throughout Pennsylvania," said Sean Parnell. "Over the past fifty days since we launched, I have talked to Pennsylvanians across the state that understand that we need a Senator that will go to Washington and fight the radical agenda of the Biden Administration from destroying the American values that make this country the greatest country in the world."

"Pennsylvanians know that I will fight to the end to protect Pennsylvania jobs, support our military and law enforcement, guard our First and Second Amendment rights, and ensure the integrity of our elections. While other candidates will talk the talk, I will walk the walk and fight for the future of America in Washington just like I did in combat."