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OPINION: Protestors Demand $900 Million for Illegal Immigrants Living in New Jersey

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William E. Cleary Sr.| CNBNews


Immigrants in the state of New Jersey that are here illegally are demanding more money from the taxpayers of the state. And, Phil Murphy, the Democrat Governor of the state, is willing to give it to them especially since he is up for re-election in November.

Presently illegals are not allowed to vote. But, they are allowed to drive in New Jersey, thanks to Murphy and his Democrat controlled legislature. Given the importance of driver’s licenses for voting, this seems a dangerous step toward ushering illegal immigrants to the polls.

According to NJ101.5, those turnpike protestors want more money for the state's undocumented aliens and Murphy has signaled his support for their quest.

A busload of illegal immigrants board a bus in Texas headed to the state of New Jersey, and the State of New York. photo courtesy of The Center for Immigration Studies


Wednesday, CNBNews reported that the federal government is loading buses and airplanes with illegal immigrants and sending them to the state of New Jersey.(Story here)

Murphy signed the new state budget on Tuesday, which included $40 million for workers in the country illegally, but that was a fraction of the $1 billion dollars in pandemic relief the groups have been demanding.

Members of the Latino Legislative Caucus tried to include over $900 million in aid for the undocumented in the budget, but Murphy was afraid of the repercussion as he is up for re-election this year.

Immigrant right's groups say the $40 million fund will provide relief to less than 10% of undocumented workers impacted by pandemic shutdowns. They want direct stimulus payments of up to $2,500 and unemployment benefits equal to what documented workers have been receiving.


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