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NJDOT improves planned advertisement web page

More timely and up-to-date information will benefit contractors Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 7.58.54 PM

seeking to bid on transportation projects

(Trenton) – The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) today announced improvements to its planned advertisement web page that will provide more up-to-date information for contractors to bid on projects.

The planned advertisements web page provides a six-month look ahead on what projects are going out to bid, which is used by contractors to make business decisions about upcoming construction opportunities. The Department has implemented a new program that streamlines the data entry process and consolidates project information from various NJDOT units’ databases. By automating the process to list NJDOT’s planned advertisements online, the web page will be updated daily, rather than once a month. This will provide contractors the most up-to-date and accurate information on what projects are coming up for bid more quickly than the current system.

The general look of the web page will not change. However, additional information will be provided, including a direct link to email the procurement office with any questions. In addition, the page will show the number of projects being advertised by each NJDOT unit – Capital Program Management, Transportation Operations Systems and Support, Transportation Mobility and Office of Maritime Resources.

The new web page will not only show listings for the current month and the following five months, but also any listings from the previous month that have not yet been advertised. This change will prevent any confusion for the construction industry. In addition, projects that have been advertised will be removed from the web site on an ongoing basis rather than just at the end of the month.