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Egg Harbor Township - Former Assemblyman and Senate Candidate Vince Polistina released a statement today, pledging to bring legislative services to Atlantic City.



"While Assemblyman Mazzeo and Armato sit in their Northfield office and scheme with the Trenton democrats to take over Atlantic City, we are figuring out ways to better serve the community," said Polistina.  "Atlantic City has a variety of residents with multicultural backgrounds, working jobs throughout many different fields, hoping to provide the best for their families and their futures," Polistina said. "These residents deserve the same access to their elected officials as all of the hardworking, middle class families and retirees throughout the rest of Atlantic County - and that's why I'm pledging to bring a legislative office to Atlantic City once we are elected in November."
Polistina's assembly running mates, Don Guardian and Claire Swift, echoed Polistina's pledge. "During my time as Mayor of Atlantic City, I worked closely with all of our diverse communities to make sure their voices were being heard," Guardian explained. "Bringing a legislative office to the city sends a message about what kind of team we will be and also ensure that local residents always have a place to go and get the help they need."
Swift, a local attorney and former Deputy Attorney General has had first-hand experience with Atlantic City residents being shortchanged when it comes to open, accessible government. "Many of my clients, or former high school classmates at Atlantic City High School, reside within the city," Swift stated. "Most just don't know where to go for help - we will change that."
Polistina cited the recent COVID-19 vaccination registration as the most recent, troubling example. "Having recently met with leaders of the Southeast Asian community, they explained their struggles with being able to access vaccines and being uncertain about what the state provided to them. Thankfully for some, Congressman Van Drew and Senator Brown were able to provide assistance," Polistina e