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Netflix Has Hired Video Game Executive from Facebook

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Without a doubt, implementing new technologies and techniques is as important for any digital platform as complying with standards and requirements in a particular industry niche. But what should a company do to gain more strength and achieve popularity in other markets? Let’s figure it out on a sample of Netflix.

This name has already turned out to be a household world for the majority of people around the globe. The main peculiarity of the platform is providing access to famous (and not so) movies and TV shows anywhere and anytime. You don’t even need to have a good internet connection — this solution allows downloading favorite pieces of cinema and enjoying watching them whenever desired. All you are required to do is to become a platform’s subscriber.

So how has Netflix decided to act in the future not to lose its fans? Are there any connections between this giant in the universe of online broadcasting and streaming services and Lord of the Ocean slot and other typical games? Stay tuned to check it out.

Rumors that Come True

Just some time ago, the likely plans of Netflix to compete in the gaming market were believed to be a hearsay story only. However, everything has changed recently, and the reason for that is the brand’s cooperation with Mike Verdu. For newcomers and non-interested parties, this name would tell nothing. But this person is an incredible achiever. His career was developed in the Facebook corporation, where he worked as an AR/VR content head. But this video-game executive decided to leave for Netflix and develop himself in the new area.

This marvelous news coincided with the company’s announcement about their desire to expand their reach far beyond their common field of activities. So hiring a former executive from Facebook is the first step to introduce a fresh and new gaming initiative for the target audience.

Breaking News or Not So?

According to a Bloomberg report, new activities for consumers will be added to the official domain next year. After the news about hiring Mike Verdu spread, the production company’s shares experienced a rapid rise of their value — by thirty-three percent.

The decision to add new deals for customers on the basis of Netflix is easy to explain. Apart from attracting the attention of new consumers with new services, this approach will help the domain not just survive but succeed in the circumstances of tough and fierce competition with similar solutions in the market, inducing products by HBO, Disney, and Apple.

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At the same time, it is hard to state Netflix was indifferent to video games before. Although it was not possible to play advanced higher-end slots or other favorite options, some moves were already done towards their appearance in the gaming field in the past:

  • The organization assigned responsible parties to develop tie-in games for their “bestsellers”, including The Dark Crystal and Stranger Things.
  • The streaming service experimented with the format of films and showed off with their so-called interactive movies. The latter term refers to the combination of pieces of cinema and simple video game mechanics. The Black Mirror story is a perfect sample of this innovation.

Can Gaming Beat Streaming?

According to Statista, the number of Netflix paid subscribers has been gradually increasing since 2013. In turn, there are over two hundred million fans of the streaming services. With Mike Verdu on board, the company’s potential to accept the challenge and show off its skills in the gaming industry is significantly enhanced.

As you already know, some steps on the way to this unknown market were taken in the past, so hiring a professional AR/VR developer will help the domain to distribute lucrative and exclusive products with advanced virtual reality and gaming features.

The genre divergence of games, as well as numerous play modes, is going to become another challenge for the company. To become in demand among the target audience with their new deals, Netflix has to offer something unique. Pokemon Go, Subway Surfers, Clash of Clans, Fruit Ninja — these are just some samples of popular and highly sought-after mobile applications. 

Netflix may decide not only to continue their previous tactics and offer special tie-in games that are created on the basis of their leading movies and shows (this would be definitely beloved by fans all around the globe). One of the possible ways of development is to introduce formats of the popular gambling amusement options — no-deposit plays styled as roulette and accompanied with quests on the basis of Ocean’s Thirteen or other roulette-related movies.

Although this resembles a guessing game a lot, who knows how creative and proactive the Netflix developers will decide to be. But taking advantage of their most-viewed shows and best-selling video games can bring unforgettable results.

Wrap It Up

Although it seems to be great news for genuine Netflix fans and supporters, the fact of the company’s self-representation in the gaming industry doesn’t offer more detailed information. It is still unclear how this combination of gaming and traditional streaming services will suit together — whether customers will have access to gaming entertaining solutions through the platform directly or separate applications are likely to be created. Time will tell.