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A CNBNews OPRA Request for the Police Weekly Call Log Uncovers 491 Incidents Between June 29-July 7



EDITOR'S NOTE: The information below, including a previous article about the large crowd of people, congregated at the Chosen Profection Soul Food on July 3 was obtained from an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request submitted by CNBNews. The police department stopped issuing a weekly crime report some time ago. As such we requested the release of the department's Activity Log for the period of June 29 through July 7, 2021. From the 491 incidents that were listed on the 103 pages we received, we were able to compile the list of crimes and other incidents that appear below. 


CNBNews Exclusive

Listed among those 491 incidents were the following:

  •   An estimated 67 calls that required no police involvement


  • 33 calls from people complaining about the loud noise from fireworks being exploded


  • 145 parking summons issued for blocking the sweeper, parking on the sidewalk, and blocking fire hydrants


Police Chief Morrell, who is also the City Administrator,  said the main reason for the weekly crime report being stopped was because it took so much time to write it.  It is time-consuming, no doubt.  But, no matter how long it takes to write, we feel the crime report is a necessary component of any police department, not just Gloucester City.  Residents have a right to know about any and all police activity in their neighborhood.  Not only does that news alert them about the unlawful act (s) happening outside their front door, it also keeps them vigilant. We have been told in the past that the police publish what people need to know on their Facebook account; that is a step in the right direction but not everyone has a Facebook account. 

The one thing that stood out after reading through these 491 calls was, the City of Gloucester City is well protected by the Men/Women in Blue.

Please let us know if you are in favor of reinstating the weekly crime report. If you don't care please let us know that too.  You can comment below or if you don't want your name to be published send your remark to CNBNews1@gmail.com


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GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (JULY 26, 2021)(CNBNews)--JULY 7-Several vehicles in the Gloucester Heights area were broken into. The crimes occurred on Yale Avenue, Nicholson Road, Lehigh Avenue, and on Oxford Avenue, there were six.


JULY 7-A traffic stop near Market Street and Lane Avenue led to the arrest of Taylor Palmer who was found to have active warrants out of Middle Township. 


JULY 7-Owner reported a dog missing in the area of 4th and Hunter streets.  The dog was located and returned to its owner.


JULY 7-A man signed counter harassment charges against a driver of a vehicle he had previously been involved in an accident with. He was advised to speak to the court office regarding his complaints.


JULY 7-Officers responded to Park Avenue for a subject armed with a knife, the incident was later determined to be a criminal mischief matter.


JULY 7-A complaint was made about a dog being left in a rear yard on Somerset Street all day without water.  The owner of the dog was advised on proper care of her dog in weather above 91 degrees.


JULY 7-A male was suspected of shoplifting CVS on Broadway. No arrest was made.


JULY 7-A stolen vehicle from Yale Avenue was located in Camden.


JULY 7-A traffic stop on Route 130 by Officers Joseph Green and George Spingler led to the arrest of Tre Adlam for contempt out of Winslow and driving while suspended. Adlam was processed and released.


JULY 7-An attempt was made to steal a catalytic converter for a vehicle in the 500 unit block Broadway. And, on the same day, a catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle parked on Brick Street.


JULY 6-Suspect arrested at Broadway and Middlesex streets for outstanding warrants.


JULY 6 and July 7-Several property checks were conducted along Brick Street, Water Street, Charles Street, Railroad Ave, Market Street, N. Brown, Essex Streets, The Broadway Plaza, Cold Springs School area, GHS area, Train Station, Freedom Pier, Gloucester Marina, Vitales, Matts Auto, The Super Lucky 7, Homestead Carpets, FLHR, Gloucester Library, Charles Street construction site, Bens Barber, Erin Secret Gardens, Healthy Smiles, Express Super Market,  Sunshine Florist,  Jackson Hewitt, Destine Studio, JC Nails, The Shoppe


JULY 6-A man while under the influence, entered a home on S. Harley Avenue by accident.


JULY 6-Residents at King and Powell streets were mad at a postal employee because they did not get their check.


JULY 6-Complaint of a dog locked in a vehicle with the air conditioner running on Broadway. The dog was brought inside before the officer arriving.


JULY 6-Caller stated her basement window on Warren Street was broken with a rock.


JULY 5-Complaints of fireworks in the area of Gloucester Towne, Hudson Street, S. Broadway,  Ridgeway Street, and Hunter Street. No one was found in the area.


JULY 5-Owners of 738 Market Street was issued summonses for property maintenance.


JULY 5-Caller claims drugs were being sold out of a property in the 600 unit block of Market Street. Information was passed onto the detective bureau.


JULY 5-Burglary call on Springdale Avenue was actually a balloon hitting the ceiling fan.


JULY 5-Juvenile says she was sexually assaulted by an unknown male on the night of July 3. The case turned over to the detective bureau.


JULY 5-A noise complaint at Stinson Avenue and Hunter Street for a large group yelling and screaming at each other. Group dispersed when police arrived.

JULY 5-A domestic call on Lehigh Avenue. The couple was arguing over the air-conditioner. The male was drunk according to the woman and the male kept turning the AC off. The female said the male punched her. The woman was advised of her rights, and she said she just wanted to be left alone. 


JULY 4-Complaint of fireworks being thrown at a window on Market Street, also at door and windows on Broadway. At 11:14 p.m. a foot patrol in the area reporting fireworks, unable to locate the source.  No damage was reported. 


JULY 4-Caller said there was a fight at Broadway and Mercer Street, when police arrived a vehicle was seen fleeing the scene at a high rate of speed. That vehicle was later found in Camden City, it had crashed against a curb. Two males were seen running from the scene.


JULY 4- A fight, between a male and female, was reported in the 100 unit block of King Street. There was no one in the area when the officers arrived


JULY 3 - Motor vehicle accident involving two cars at the Highland Tavern Parking lot on July 3 at 4:30 PM. 


JULY 3-A complaint was filed about a foul smell, coming from trash cans stored behind a restaurant on Monmouth Street. 


JULY 3- Jessie L.Goodman was charged with unlawful possession of an airsoft firearm after being observed shooting it out in a public area in the 500 unit block of South  Broadway.



JULY 3-The owner of the Chosen Profection Soul Food Store, 738 Market Street, held a party at his business on that evening. Members of the Gloucester City Police Department responded to two calls to that location, according to the GCPD Activity docket. The first time the police responded was  8:47 PM, the caller said there was a large crowd of people standing outside the store, some of them were underage were drinking alcohol.  Police told the owner to shut the party down.  Approximately two hours later police were called back to that location. Not only was the party not shut down the crowd had grown to 200 people. Looking east on Market Street from Broadway towards the railroad tracks, the Chosen Profection Soul Food store is on the right inside the yellow circle. See article

Monday, July 26 we received an announcement about New Jersey Who's Got Talent coming to the Soul Food business on Saturday, July 31 from 2 PM to 8 PM. See the announcement 





JULY 2-The mother of a 6-year-old was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child for allegedly placing her hands on the child's throat and attempting to choke him. The woman was remanded to the county jail pending a hearing. 


JULY 2-Police officers James and Kenney rescued a dog stuck on a roof located in the 800 unit block of Little Somerset Street. 


JULY 2- Property owners of 130 N. Sussex Street, 112 N. Sussex Street, 110 N. Sussex Street, 16 S. Sussex Street, and 10 S. Sussex Street, were issued a summons for maintenance violations. Also, the owner of 238 Cumberland Street was issued a summons for maintenance violations



JULY 2- Property owners of 301 Somerset Street, 18 S. Burlington Street, and 16 S. Burlington Street issued a summons for maintenance violations.


JULY 2-Hit and run four vehicles 700 Hunter Street


JULY 2- At 11:23 PM  a tree fell onto a house at 135 Westminister Avenue due to the weather. No  injuries


JULY 1-Two stray dogs were found running in the  400 unit block of South Broadway. The owner of the dogs was located.  


JULY 1-Missing manhole cover Burlington and Hudson Streets


JULY 1-Time 4:35 PM. A fight between two people over dogs running at large in the vicinity of Market and Burlington Streets. Both parties were separated. No dog was in the area upon arrival. The person who wanted to sign a complaint could not identify the dog's owner. She was advised she couldn't sign a  complaint without positively identifying the owner of the dog. Six officers responded to the call. They were: Officers Gregory Coxe, Joseph Green, Benjamin McKinney, Obey Nayshon, Sean Saunders, George Spingler. 


JULY 1-Time 12:52 PM, Down cable wires at Somerset and Atlantic Streets. The Gloucester City Fire Department responded and moved the wires


JULY 1-Time 11:59 PM, Vehicle burglary, Norris Street. The vehicle was unlocked, $40 was stolen


JULY  1- Two-car accident at the CVS/Dunkin Donut parking lot. No injuries


JUNE 30-Officer assisted  Fire Department at  Royal  Farms; an attendant accidentally dumped approximately $200 worth of diesel fuel

JUNE 30-Three officers were dispatched to a Mercer Street home, no address given, for a fistfight between Brian McCreery and Charles Loveland inside a Mercer Street home. Both parties refused medical attention. 


JUNE 30-A large tree branch was dangling from a tree in the area of Broadway and Monmouth Street. The Fire Department was called


JUNE 30-STOP-sign was down at Sherwood and Orlando Avenues. The highway department was notified.


JUNE 30-A Spruce Avenue resident reported he heard a noise that sounded like gunshots. Area checked, nothing found.


JUNE 30-Brian McCreery was arrested at 10 Lehigh Avenue on an active warrant out of Haddon Township. Six officers responded to the call. McCreery was released on his own recognizance pending a July 28 court date. 


JUNE 30-A concrete truck pulled down some wires on Brown Street. PSEG  responded and fixed the problem. 


JUNE 30-Six officers responded to a domestic violence call at a Bergen Street home. The individual was arrested, transported to police headquarters, and released on his own recognizance.


JUNE 30-A verbal dispute between two people living at 1400 Crescent Blvd., over a pair of keys resulted in both individuals, Shavonni A. Harris, and Tabatha Monique) being arrested on outstanding warrants.  Four officers responded to the call. 


JUNE 30-Gloucester City Fire Department responded to a Market Street home for a person having a problem with their oxygen tank. 


JUNE 29-A juvenile threw a raw chicken breast at a Johnson Blvd. home.


JUNE 29-Time 9:40 PM, a report of a fight involving approximately 15 people some wielding baseball bats at PHILLIPS 66. Further investigation revealed the fight was verbal and only between two people. 


JUNE 29-Caller states every night at 5:30 PM two minibikes possibly from Division Street speed up and down the streets and sidewalks bothering residents in the area. The callers were told police would be in the area and will attempt to stop this from happening


JUNE 29-Five officers dispatched to Broadway and Essex Street for a female armed with a handgun and pointed it at a taxi driver. According to the report the incident occurred in D8 (it is not known what D8 means) and was turned over to them. 


JUNE 29-A bike was stolen from Gloucester High School


JUNE 29-Motor vehicle accident at Rt. 130 and Market Street. No police action needed


JUNE 29-A call about a large dog being left out in the excessive heat at a home in the 200 unit block of  Powell Street was received. Police gave the owner guidelines to follow on how to treat a dog in hot weather.


JUNE 29-Fire department called for an alarm at the Gloucester Terminal. Police were not needed. 


JUNE 29-A Lewis Street resident (Lewis Street is behind the old Chatham Square Apartment) reported her friend burglarized her apartment by forcing the door open with a Debit card, then assaulted her while inside. Charges were placed on a warrant and faxed to Camden Metro.


JUNE 29-A vehicle was stolen from a Cumberland Street residence and located later in Camden City. 


Those charged are presumed innocent unless proven otherwise.


NOTE: Please let us know if you are in favor of reinstating the weekly crime report. If you don't care please let us know that too.  You can comment below or if you don't want your name to be published send your remark to CNBNews1@gmail.com


published https://www.gloucestercitynews.net/ July 26, 2021


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