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How To Scrape Product Data From Amazon Without Coding Skills?

Amazon, as everybody knows, is the biggest e-commerce company. It has a variety of products all over the world. You will get a lot of benefits from product data in many ways. These are the benefits of product data for Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 20.59.06 the business:

  • Monitor and compare competing products of the competitors.
  • Get the list of the top-selling products for any category to know the products on-trend.
  • Use product search results information for the optimization of Amazon SEO position, or the marketing campaigns.
  • Use review information for managing reviews, and optimization for products or retailers.

How product data can be scraped from Amazon?

By three ways data can be taken from Amazon:

  • Web scraping extensions

Various web scraping extensions are there which help in getting data from web pages. Extensions can be used easily and leverage your browser. With the help of chrome extension and browser, no special programming skills or software are required. 

The famous extension can extract data from dynamic pages. A sitemap can be created showing how the website can be traversed and the data that needs to be extracted. 

With the help of such sitemaps, the extension will do the navigation just you want and the extraction will be done which can be later exported to CSV. Various extensions are specifically designed for scraping Amazon data. 

  • Programming

If you program and want to communicate with Amazon with a script, multiple APIs can be used to get the data from Amazon such as You only need a code to connect to the API and the data can be downloaded.


The interface gives app programmers access to the product catalog data of Amazon. It is offered by Amazon and can be used without any cost. With the help of API, a user can go through the Amazon database where detailed information can be retrieved along with the images and reviews so that they benefit from Amazon’s e-commerce functionality and data.

Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 20.59.24

But just like any other API, all the information is not provided on the product page. In case you want that data, the program can be customized with the help of Python or any other language. 

A web scraper development needs knowledge of professional coding and can take time. For programmers or the ones who don’t know anything about coding, web scraping software and extensions will work the best. 

  • Web scraping software

The extensions might not work well in case you need a lot of data. In such a case, web scraping software is the best option. 

The software can be used easily but might be powerful enough for scraping needs, like scraping behind the infinite scroll, login, etc. 

Amazon scraping isn’t difficult at all as any of the options mentioned above can be chosen to get the data of all the products from the website based upon your coding skills, budget, and scraping requirements. As many scraping tools are available, you can easily get full data and make good use of it without any difficulty.