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How to Safely Care for Your Guns at Home 


Guns can easily malfunction if they’re not taken care of properly. Guns aren’t usually used every day. Therefore, they can sit idly in your home and accumulate wear and tear from time and use. Hence, you should know how to safely care for your guns at home. 


Guns are dangerous weapons. You shouldn’t be careless with them especially if you have children at home. That also comes with how you care for your guns so you can ensure the safety of your home.  

Always Assume the Gun is Loaded

This is a universal thing for all gun enthusiasts. It applies to wherever your gun is and not only at home. Always assume that the gun is loaded so handle it safely. It’s the most important rule for anyone who wants to hold a gun. 


Even if you know the gun isn’t loaded, you never know if you are fully right. You make sure to exercise safety precautions even after you’ve activated any safety switches on the gun. 


Point it in a safe direction (which is mostly downwards). Never point it in a direction you are not intending on firing (like on yourself or someone else). You never know if it will malfunction and accidentally fire. 

Store Your Guns in a Safe and Secure Location

Safely caring for your guns means you have to store them in a safe and secure place at home. We would recommend getting a good gun safe to make sure your weapons are protected and away from any person you wouldn’t like using them. For everyday carry, you should have a holster for handguns. 


Gun safes are excellent for long-term storage. They keep moisture out so you won’t worry about your guns getting rusty. It’s also has a lot of security features so outsiders or children won’t have easy access to your guns. 

Read the Manual for Proper Use and Maintenance

For new guns, they always come with an owner’s manual. Make sure you read this. Sure, you will get distracted with your newly purchased gun. However, remember that guns can fire suddenly if you don’t actually know how to use them. 


Therefore, it’s important that you read the manual. It will teach you how to properly and safely use your gun. You will also sometimes learn how to disassemble them and do the proper maintenance check. 


If you own an old gun or bought a used one, you can try and contact the manufacturer and check if they have a manual for it. You can also search online for your gun’s manual. 

Learn and Practice Gun Safety

This is especially true for first-time owners and for your first time handling a gun. If possible, go to a shooting range first and learn a couple of pointers from their shooting instructors. Your gun manual should also teach you about safely handling your gun. 


There are a number of cases where the accidental firing of the gun has caused deaths and you don’t want to be part of that statistic. Hence, be responsible and serious about practicing gun safety. 



For starters, here are some common gun safety practices that you can start following at home. 


  • Point your gun in a safe direction when not ready to fire.
  • Make sure your gun is unloaded when not in use.
  • Gun safety features aren’t foolproof. Don’t rely too much on them. 
  • Should you fire it at home for self-defense, make sure you know where’s your target and what’s behind the target. Make sure you are also using the correct ammunition.
  • Should your gun fail to fire after pulling the trigger, keep it safe and handle it with care.
  • Do not modify your gun. Leave it as how the manufacturers intended it to work. Have your guns undergo regular maintenance. 

Use the Right Tools and Products for Maintenance

If you’re doing your own maintenance and repairs, make sure you are using the right tools for it. Your gun manual should teach you how to properly maintain your gun. 


As a starter guide, you should buy a gun cleaning kit. It usually has all you need for gun maintenance. Buy everything else as needed. For example, solvents are used to break down carbon while lubricants help keep your gun operating smoothly. 


While there are some “money-saving” cleaning alternatives. We wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re out of options and have no budget for proper maintenance. 

Be Consistent in Repairs and Maintenance

If you’re going to do maintenance to your guns, make sure you do it consistently. That’s how you build a habit and prolong your gun’s service life. Should you ever get careless, rust might build up faster than you think. 

Get the Best Safe Care for Your Guns

By following those tips above, you are sure to have your guns working in good condition. They will last for a long time. When you need them, you are sure that they will be reliable for self-defense and just for enjoying a trip in the gun range. 


images courtesy of unsplash. com