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How Much Does Gestational Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine and What Are Its Peculiarities

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Every married couple has the right to fatherhood and motherhood, i.e. the right to have and raise children. However, there are cases when a couple or one of the spouses is unable to conceive and give birth naturally due to a congenital or acquired disease. Therefore, the state creates special conditions for such people and ensures the protection of the rights of mother and father.

Thanks to the active development of scientific technologies, the problem of infertility has found its solution. Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) provide a good basis for this.

Surrogacy is a type of ART. If you are interested in surrogacy in Ukraine, you are recommended to visit the website and forum of the best agency World Center of Baby. In this article, you will get important information about the best surrogacy Ukraine and find out its price.

All You Need to Know About Gestational Surrogacy Ukraine

Ukrainian law stipulates that a married couple and a surrogate mother can be participants in a surrogacy program.

Requirements for the Surrogate Mother

Interestingly, there are clear restrictions on the surrogate mother. A surrogate mother should have no medical contraindications, and represent a voluntary written consent to participate in the surrogacy program. Moreover, the specialists of the best and most reliable agency World Center of Baby note that surrogate mothers cannot have a direct genetic link to the baby. 

Requirements for Spouses

World Center of Baby indicates that only spouses can participate in the surrogacy program in Ukraine. Therefore, the legislator excludes the possibility of single people or gay couples participating in this technology. A spouse or at least one parent must have a genetic link to the child. At the same time, women should be diagnosed with medical indications in order to be able to use appropriate reproductive technology in the future. In this way, it must be proven by a clinic that a woman cannot conceive, bear, and give birth to a child on her own.

Surrogacy Agreement

The surrogacy agreement is concluded between the surrogate mother and the spouses and provides the following:

  • Describes the solution of possible controversial situations;
  • Regulates in detail the rights and obligations of the parties;
  • Prohibits unilateral withdrawal from the contract;
  • Provides for the consequences of force majeure and liability of the parties for breach of contract.

Cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine: How Is It Defined?

According to the professionals of the best surrogacy agency in Ukraine World Center of Baby, the price of surrogacy agrees between the surrogate mother and the spouses. But usually, it is 23,000 euros. This does not include the price of food and accommodation. Also, this price does not include medical and transportation costs.

In conclusion, we should note that the price of gestational surrogacy in Ukraine is perfect in comparison with other countries. This makes surrogacy services popular in the country and attracts even foreign citizens.