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GLOUCESTER CITY HISTORY: Thousands of Catholics Come Out To See St. Mary's May Procession

GLOUCESTER CITY NJ(CNBNews)(July 23, 2021)—The Community of Gloucester City will celebrate its 400th 7000579232_04120e05c0_mAnniversary in 2023. CNBNews has found a number of old newspaper clippings that we plan on sharing with you leading up to that event.

This article is about Saint Mary's Parish, Monmouth, and Atlantic Streets, and its yearly May Procession in honor of the Blessed Mother according to the Camden Post Telegraph May 1912 issue. Thousands of people came out to watch it on this particular day.  

From the article, It was one of the most impressive and most unique processions in the history of the church and the young women dressed in white and wearing wreaths and veils presented a most beautiful scene. The streets between the school hall and church were lined with people. The program of the day started in the morning at 8 o'clock when 150 little boys and girls dressed in white formed a procession and marched from the school hall to the church headed by three little boys, each carrying a banner, and received their first communion. The regular procession started at 3:30 pm. See article below


The Camden Post Telegraph Reports on 1905 Gloucester City Bd of Ed Meeting

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