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Gloucester City Has A New Political Group; Meet and Greet on Saturday from 3 PM to 6 PM at Proprietors Park



Today, (July 9, 2021) Josh Twyford the chairperson of the organization, and, vice-chair Charlene DelFico were asked some personal follow-up questions today. 

Question: Have you ever run for office or served in government? 
JT-I have not. I have always followed and been interested in politics. Now I have decided to be a part of it. 
CD-I have not run for office or worked in government. 
Question: What do you do for a living?
JT-I am a Quality Control technician for printing inks in Philadelphia. 
CD-I worked in retail pharmacy and medical pharmacy including Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. 
Question: Have you ever been involved in running a political campaign. 
JT-I have not. I have volunteered for campaigns in the past. 
CD-I’ve also had the opportunity to volunteer for a campaign. 
Question: Education
JT-I have an Associate's Degree in Arts and Sciences from Rowan College at Gloucester County. 
CD- have an extensive variety of training in areas of communication, pharmaceutical, TV and Film.
Question: What do you like about Gloucester City
JT-I love the convenience of the location. Perfect for commuters to the city. The waterfront has loads of potential. The history of the city is very interesting as well. 
CD-As a 32-year resident of Gloucester City I’ve felt the diverse community, population and variety of businesses are what I like about the city.  My vision is to revitalize Gloucester City. I agree with Josh the Waterfront has so much potential. 
Question: Your thoughts on the CNBNews Editorial, Something Happening Here
JT-It's a fantastic article! I hadn't seen the video before you posted it. I believe these people did this because they are fed up with the current state of culture. They are tired of people talking badly about our country. America was never perfect and has never claimed to be. We have always strived to make this country the greatest place to live for all people. To this day it still is the greatest place.
The division is unfortunate. I hate to see fellow Americans use violence against each other. We should be able to sit down and solve our problems. Find real solutions. 
Things need to change. And like most things, it starts at home. Fixing the families and building a strong sense of community is among our chief goals at the Gloucester City GOP. 
CD-The article was wonderful 

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A gathering place for Gloucester City Republicans to discuss policy, candidates, and anything else political related to Gloucester City or Camden County. The caption and image from the group's Facebook page

GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (July 9, 2021)--A new political organization, known as the Gloucester City GOP (Grand Old Party) has formed in the City of Gloucester City, NJ. Joshua Twyford is the chair and the vice-chair is Charlene DelFico. Both individuals are residents of the City. 


For many decades Gloucester City has been controlled by the Democratic Party led by long-time South Jersey Political Boss George Norcross.  The last Republican to hold office was Mayor Walter Jost who was elected in the mid 1990s.


Twyford, was asked why did he start the Gloucester City GOP?




"I have lived in Gloucester City for a decade and have never seen an opposition candidate for council or mayor. I believe that competition is essential for a government to truly represent the people, as those who run unopposed have no accountability."


When questioned about how to join, he replied, "Go to our Facebook page and search for Gloucester City GOP. Anyone is free to join. After answering some screening questions to make sure the right people are joining the group (residents, conservatives, etc.) We also have a Happy Hour every first Thursday of the month. The event is posted on our Facebook page one to two weeks before the event. We have held happy hours at Holy City Publick House (332 Jersey Ave.) and The Highland Tavern (308 Orlando Drive) in the past, but we are always looking to patronize bars and restaurants in these tough times for small businesses. So any businesses are welcome to contact either Charlene DelFico or myself if they are interested in hosting one of our Happy Hour events!



CNBNews asked if their group had chosen anyone to run in November for the mayor’s seat.  Former mayor Dan Spencer resigned and Councilman Pat Keating was named temporary mayor until November when an election will be held for those two positions.


Do you have any candidates for those positions?


"As of this moment we do not. We are actively seeking members so we can fill needed positions in the committee and start fundraising. After this is accomplished we can move on to finding great candidates for our city's residents."


The Gloucester City GOP organization is holding a Meet and Greet Saturday at Proprietors Park, King Street and Jersey Ave. between the hours of 3 PM and 6 PM.  


Attending Candidates:


Sean Sepsey- Candidate for State Assembly LD5

Sam DiMatteo- Candidate for State Assembly LD5

Clyde E. Cook-  NJ State Senate Candidate

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CNBNews Editorial:


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