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Gloucester City Business Owner Hosts Party for 200 People; Crowd Caused A Fracas, Blocked Traffic on Market St.

Screen Shot 2021-07-25 at 16.18.59Looking east on Market Street from Broadway towards the railroad tracks. The Chosen Profection Soul Food store is on the right inside the yellow circle.  Members of the Gloucester City Police Department responded to two calls to that location on July 3.

According to GCPD Activity docket  the first time the police responded was  8:47 PM, the caller said there was a large crowd of people standing outside the store; some of the people were  underage  and they were drinking alcohol. Two hours later, the crowd had grown to 200 people.  (Photo credit Google Maps and Brianna) 



William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews


GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (JULY 25, 2021)--Gloucester City Police were called to 738 Market Street on Saturday, July 3  at 8: 47 PM about underage drinking allegedly occurring at Chosen Profection Soul Food. The business opened in April and is owned by  Charron C. Fisher. Previously the building was being used by an Indian Food restaurant and prior to that another person was using it to sell fried chicken. John McGroarty, who sold newspapers, deli items, and lottery tickets built the store in the 1980s.


Officers Johanna James, William C. Johnson, and Keith Wall responded to the first call. The report states, "A large juvenile party was occurring. Charron Fisher the owner, said no alcohol was being served to the juveniles. The owner was advised that the party was too large and it had to be shut down. Fisher agreed to send people home. Fisher was told the housing officer was going to be notified. 

IMG_6365The Chosen Profection Soul Food store, 738 Market Street (photo credit CNBNews July 25, 2021)


Shortly thereafter, at approximately 10: 31 PM police were notified about a large crowd of people standing in the street in front of the business,  as a result of the crowd's action auto traffic on Market Street, was being blocked in both lanes. The report stated when police arrived there were between 150 and 200 people mulling about obstructing the flow of traffic.  Five City police officers responded to the call. They included Officers John Bryszewski, Johanna James, William C. Johnson, Shane Kenney, and Keith Wall. 


CNBNews had heard talk earlier in the week about tickets allegedly being sold to underage teens to attend a booze party at this business on Saturday, July 3, but we were unable to confirm the rumor.   A person who witnessed the July 3 incident from afar before the police closed it down said the people at the party were dressed as if they were going to go "clubbing" somewhere. The women were wearing high heels, and the men were wearing suits with cool hats that matched their attire.  "It wasn't something you normally see in Gloucester City, especially seeing so many people dressed so sharp " said the individual who wished to remain anonymous. 

IMG_6247 2The owner of the property is placing his trash in plastic bags and storing the pile on the side of the property in view of  the pedestrians who walk by it and the many people who drive by the property every day. The first strong wind that comes along will blow the rubbish throughout the nearby neighborhood and beyond. 

Common sense would tell you that this is the wrong way to store your trash until pickup. It is no wonder Gloucester City's streets are covered with litter and garbage. The owner obviously could care less about Gloucester City and Community Pride!

The photo above is from July 3 and the one below is from today, July 25.

Screen Shot 2021-07-25 at 17.2.43

photos above credit CNBNews 

This past Saturday afternoon around 2 PM we drove by the Soul Food business and there was a crowd of people inside the building which was decorated with balloons. The people leaving the building walked to the nearby Coffee Corner at Broadway and Market where they had parked their cars.  That parking lot was full along with the parking lot in front of the store.

According to the GCPD data log no one was arrested on July 3. We do not know if the owner is violating the occupancy level for that building. If so the Housing Officer and the Fire Marshall should be notified.  

The West Winds Cannabis/Apparel Store Opened in Gloucester City in May. Residents who lived nearby complained about the sudden influx of people coming into their neighborhood causing parking problems. West Winds customers parked where ever they could find a spot which included parking lots of nearby businesses.  That operation was closed down by the police department and the Housing Office because the owner did not obtain the proper documents from the city to open its doors. 


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