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Emerging Trends in The Packaging Industry


The packaging industry is headed for the future, thanks to internet penetration. Nowadays, automation is quickly dominating this industry. This not only improves the efficiency of your packaging line but also saves time. So, if you want to save time and improve the accuracy of your packaging line, think about technology. Learn about how technology can help you optimize your production process. Let the following emerging technologies inspire Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 13.9.16 you to bring automation into your company.

Computer Vision

Computer vision, a technology that helps the computer to identify and read info from images, videos, as well as the environment, is poised to take over the aviation industry. This technology will make it possible to fly airplanes without pilots. In packaging, computer vision technology will help machines accomplish complex packaging tasks in less time. This will play a key role when it comes to producing error-free products. This technology will be effective in comparing files, scanning catch eros, and fixing errors in color. This means that things like printing several artworks on thousands of boxes will be a thing of the past. Here, the computer vision feature will scan the packages, which reduces overruns, prevents misprinting, and minimizes shipment mistakes.

Virtual Reality

In the past, you required mouths for testing and designing new packaging-based structures.  During these times, it took structural designers several hours to design, print, cut, and fold mockups. This was time-consuming and highly inefficient. However, that’s in the past now. Nowadays, VR can be used to create 3-D models and virtual mockups. Thus, you don’t need to spend several hours doing the printing, folding, as well as cutting. All you need is to show your clients the VR mockups on a computer screen. This helps the consumers to vie and visualize your consumers in the virtual store. This means that changes can be made more quickly and cost-effectively. After packaging approval, the mockups can be shared globally for VR testing. This gives you a hint when it comes to the response of customers around the globe.

Augmented Reality

AR, which stands for augmented reality, is gaining traction in the packaging industry. Here, consumers can vie digital objects and relate them to the real objects (i.e., in the actual real-world). Here, you can use your smartphone to see how the package will look like. Thus, you can save a lot of money. You won’t have to take photos at different testing stages or locations.

The Power of Connectivity

Connectivity has positively impacted the packaging industry. Companies can use connectivity to understand their competitors. Here, consumers can communicate with brand managers in real-time. Thus, issues can be solved before becoming actual problems. This means that industry leaders don’t have to conduct regular meetings. Instead, they will rely on views from customers and act accordingly.

The Use of Automation Tools

Automation is an important process in the packaging process. For instance, automation tools like automated case sealers from Insite packaging can help improve efficiency, reduce labor hours, and increase efficiency in the packaging line.

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 13.8.25How To Purchase the Right Case Sealers

Nowadays, companies are looking for solutions that can cut labor costs, increase employee productivity, and speed up the packaging process. That’s what automation brings to the table. With automation, companies can accomplish various packaging tasks more efficiently and accurately. Still more, automation reduces shipment damages. That’s not all, automated sealing machines make it possible to seal off products accurately, which reduces chances of products getting to the wrong customers. Thus, if these are the things you are looking for, think about automating your packaging line. One of the best ways to automate your packaging line is to introduce automated case erectors and sealers.

However, it’s important to select the right packaging tools. Remember, the accuracy of the packaging process is dependent on the case erectors and sealers you choose. Get it wrong and mess up with the whole process. You should consider several factors before selecting your case sealer. Let the following factors guide you when choosing your case erector and sealer.


How many boxes are you anticipating erecting? Do you have a specific number in mind? Well, if you are handling a lot of boxes, consider choosing a high-capacity case sealer. Choose a case sealer that can handle several boxes in a minute. Preferably, choose a fully automated case erector and sealer if you are dealing with a high number of boxes. However, if you are dealing with a few boxes, choose a semi-automatic case sealer that can handle that capacity.

Shape, Size

What is the shape of the cases to be erected? Are they uniform? Do you want irregular boxes? For regular or uniform boxes, choose a normal case erector. However, if you are intending to make irregular boxes featuring different sizes, choose a case erector that can handle different orientations. There are several companies selling different units with different orientations. Thus, it’s up to you to undertake extensive research before choosing your case erector.

What’s Your Floor Space Like?

You should also consider the floor space in your company before bringing in case erectors. If space isn’t on your side, think about bringing automated case erectors. Whether it’s fully automated or semi-automated, these case erectors can save you space and improve workplace safety.

Read Reviews

Don’t purchase a case sealer without reading reviews. Thus, start with research. Google will give you several options. Plus, you will learn about different types of case sealers. Use this opportunity to learn about different brands. Select your case sealer from a reputable brand. You can also get referrals from industry experts. The bottom line is to get a case sealer that works for you.


There are different types of care erectors. Thus, it’s important to familiarize yourself with each type, paying close attention to benefits. Common types of case sealers include:

  • Random semi-automatic case sealers
  • Uniform automatic case sealers
  • Random case sealers

The Bottom-Line

The above are key trends shaping the packaging industry. From computer vision to artificial intelligence, these are the trends that will make your packaging efficient, consistent, and accurate.


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