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Edward Rieger, of Swedesboro; Brooklawn Bartender, Local 676 Member, Retired from John D. Lawrence


Eddie "Ruff House" Rieger

They called him “Ruff House.” Eddie, age 73, bounced and bartended at the Ferry Slip Inn. For fun he’d let patrons punch him; as hard as they could they were more likely to injure their hands than the rough house. But he was just as generous as he was tough: come payday he’d buy the bar rounds more than a few times at Fiorile’s.

As a Father he wasn’t the strictest; no bedtimes and a bottomless pocket of change for the arcade and candy, but he raised quality boys. Eddie was the favorite Uncle to all his nieces and nephews. As a Grandpop he never missed a game and he messaged his grandchildren every morning. When he coached his boys in baseball, all the players knew he was fair. It never mattered your background, Eddie gave everyone a chance, never judging another person. He was an avid fisherman and hunter, shot sporting clays at Salem County Sportsman’s Club and listened to the sounds of Doo Wop. If his T.V was on he’d probably be checking out some Gunsmoke with his remote, flashlight, dip, and phone all within reach.

His working years found him with the teamsters (Local 676), running the yard smoothly at John D. Lawrence in Westville. After that, he finished his work life as a greenskeeper at Pitman Golf Course. He attended Kingsway, graduated from Hargrave Military Academy, was an All-State Football player on both sides of the ball and a Free Mason. He earned a 4th-degree black belt in martial arts and became a sensei.

He is survived by his sons, Eric (Patricia), Matthew (Ginger) and Kyle Snyder (Angelica); grandchildren, Victoria, Peyton, Tatum , Bianca and Luka and many nieces and nephews. He passed peacefully surrounded by the people that loved him the most.

Funeral services under the direction of  Daley Funeral Home,  1518 Kings Highway, Swedesboro where there will be an 11 a.m. service.