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Dota 2: From Grassroots Movements to the Competitive World

Dota 2 is an undeniable leader among competitive eSsports games. It is currently offering a prize pool of more than $40 million for a single event. No other video game has achieved this amount of funding for its primary competitive event.


Well, how has Dota 2 managed to achieve this kind of success? The answer is simple – grassroots. Dota started as a competitive and then, slowly transformed into one of the cornerstone eSports experiences. At, you can have this kind of experience by becoming an official member of the Dota 2 community.

The idea behind Dota has always been there. No wonder it has made up the foundations for a series of other games, such as League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Smite, and some others. Yet, Dota is the only game that has achieved global recognition and has relied on its community.

Long Before the Big Money Rolled In

The International Dota 2 Championships are some of the most significant events in the world of video gaming. One of them has recently taken place at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. The championship has become the eSports largest annual tournament with around $25 million in prize money to be awarded.

The key point of the Dota community is to differentiate one game from another. While back in the 2000s, only several games could prove their competitive status. At the same time, there were only several competitive teams that actually tended to compete. They were mainly located in the CIS and Southeast Asia regions, as well as some parts of China. Communities were developed by giving a green light to the localized forums.

As Warcraft starting going down, Dota started consolidating its status as a competitive game. Eventually, the game’s developers from Valve started developing the map as their own standalone game. Nobody knew how big the game would be. In addition, Valve didn’t encourage additional speculations by launching the game in a beta mode in 2011. They were the first ones who brought massive prize pools. When the community members stopped being ostracized, Valve came up with a funding model that allowed fans to make their contributions. It has been mentioned before how much money Dota 2 winners can win these days.

Grassroots Take the Prize Pool to the Sky

Since 2013, the Dota community has been contributing to the constant increase of the prize pool. Dota’s army of fans has been very supportive when it came to funding. The popularity of the game has reached its maximum so that eSports betting opportunities have been abundant at reliable and trustworthy websites like 

Today, eSports betting around Dota has been one of the leading forces in the community, although not the major one. Nevertheless, betting on Dota is a great part of the experience. The game enthusiasts enjoy it to the full extent. This way betting on live events as well as wagering on potential winners of The International turn into a great adventure. Don’t miss it!