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Don’t Buy Vape Juice Online Without Knowing These 4 Tricks

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If you vape, you’re well aware of the fact that vape juice is a very affordable product. Knowing that, you might not put a lot of thought into your decision when you buy vape juice online. You might just have a few favorite vape shops that you always use, and you continue to shop at those websites because it’s easier than searching for a new place to shop. 

Have you ever stopped to think about how much vaping costs for you, though, if you’re paying even just a little more than you should for each product? Over time, a few extra dollars here and there can really add up. If you want to have the best possible experience when shopping for e-liquid – and you want to make sure that you’re not paying more for e-liquid than you should – then you need to shop smart. Don’t buy vape juice online without knowing these important tricks.

Order in Bulk to Qualify for Free Shipping Offers

The first thing you need to know about buying vape juice online and saving money is that all sellers who ship vaping products across state lines must comply with the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act as of 2021. Shipping vaping products to a state that taxes those products now requires registering with the taxation authorities in that state, collecting the appropriate taxes and distributing those taxes – along with records of all shipments to that state – to the relevant tax collectors. 

Collecting, distributing and reporting on the taxes for all of the various states and localities causes an enormous financial burden for vape shops. An additional burden is that all couriers must now collect an adult’s signature at the time of delivery and verify the recipient’s age by checking a photo ID. So, recent changes to vaping regulations in the US have increased operational costs for vape shops while also causing them to incur increased shipping expenses.

In case you haven’t already figured out what all of this means for you, here’s a summary. It’s so much more costly to operate a vape shop in 2021 than it was in 2020 that there’s no way to avoid passing at least a portion of those new costs on to customers. There is a simple way, however, the minimize the impact that the higher prices have on you: Order in bulk. It’s typical for vape shops to waive the shipping fees for larger orders. The minimum order size to qualify for free shipping is higher at many vape shops than it used to be, but the offer is still there for those who want to take advantage of it. If you always buy enough vape juice to avoid shipping charges, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run.

Be Ready to Sign for Your Delivery

As just mentioned above, a major part of the new vaping regulations is that an adult must now be present to sign for all deliveries of vaping products. That’s true even if the order includes no nicotine, and there’s no way to avoid the requirement. If you don’t want to delay receiving your vape juice, you should watch the tracking information after the order ships, so you’ll know when you’ll need to be available to sign for the delivery. If you can’t be at home, you can also have another adult sign for you – and if that’s not an option, you might want to consider having the package delivered to your workplace instead.

Don’t Complete Your Order Without Checking the Sale Section

If you want to get the craziest prices and save the most money possible when shopping for vape juice online, you should check the sale section at your favorite vape shop every time you buy. When e-liquids get sent to the clearance section, the idea is to get them moved out as quickly as possible – so the prices can often be incredible. 

E-liquids can go on clearance for a variety of reasons, but the most common reasons are that the e-liquid is getting close to its expiration date or that the maker of the e-liquid is making a significant change to the product like a name change or a packaging change. In any of those cases, it’s the vape shop’s goal to clear the old products out of the store as quickly as possible to make room for the next shipment. If you don’t mind buying some bottles of vape juice that aren’t exactly new, buying from your favorite vape shop’s clearance section is a great way to try some new e-liquid flavors and save a lot of money at the same time.

Join the Mailing List to Find Out About Sales First Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 20.51.07

When you buy vape juice online, do you usually skip checking out the clearance section because all that you ever see are a bunch of “Sold Out” messages? You’re not the only person who knows that the best way to buy cheap e-liquid is by getting whatever is on sale – but when a given vape juice goes on clearance, there probably aren’t too many bottles remaining. The deal goes to whoever manages to snag the bottles first. If you want to be that person, then you need to be among the first to know when the vape shop announces the sale.

So, how do you ensure that you’re always the first to find out when there’s a bargain to be had? The answer is that you need to subscribe to as many mailing lists as possible. What’s on sale at any given time may vary drastically from one vape shop to the next, so it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re a member of several different mailing lists. Each time you subscribe to a vape shop’s mailing list, add the shop’s email address to your whitelist to ensure that newsletters won’t go to your junk mail folder.

When you do receive a newsletter advertising a great sale, remember that you should always be ready to act fast if you want to snag the best deals before someone else does. Vape shops offer the best prices on items that they want to sell quickly, so don’t miss out.