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Mosquitos Much Bigger This Year in South Jersey


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by Bunny Hop  | Piney Woods Buzz

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BATSTO, NJ (July 28, 2021)(CNBNews)--We have received several reports from people who live in the Batsto Village area near the southern New Jersey Pine Barrens that the mosquitoes this summer are much bigger than usual.

The Pineys, as they are known locally, claim they have actually witnessed people being carried away by these monster dipterans into the swamps and woods never to be seen again. Most of the individuals we spoke with wanted to remain anonymous; all except a guy named Billy Bob Cooter, who claims he not only seen these giants but also has seen the legendary Jersey Devil. 

"Yep! I saw one," he said. "You can hear them coming before you see them, they sound like a kamikaze bomber. One almost got me but I was too fast, I ran like hell. My little Ruby Jewel posted a video of me running with one of these nasty beasts chasing me on social media. I also saw the Jersey Devil." 

Before we could ask any further questions he was gone.

CNBNews has been unable to verify these reports, neither can we confirm that the image above was actually filmed in the Pine  Barrens.