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Best Credit Repair Companies for Late Payments


The single most important component of a borrower’s score is their history of payments. Failing to meet financial obligations — even once! — can pull the total down. This does not always happen because the consumer forgets to pay or misses the due date on purpose. To erase mistakes from your records, you can enlist the help of credit repair companies.

Note that these providers can only dispute items that are untrue or partially incorrect. If you have really skipped one or more payments (for any reason), the derogatories are legit, and they will stay on your records for seven years. You can still improve your status by challenging other errors and working on your budgeting. This is something these five repair companies can also help you with. 


  1. Credit Saint – Best Overall

According to this latest review of Credit Saint, the firm offers great value for money. The first consultation is free, which is a rare advantage. You will also get unlimited challenges and other benefits for just $119 per month. The cheapest package with 5 challenges per bureau costs even less ($79) and there is a 90-day money-back guarantee. This provider has an option for every budget, clear pricing, and online registration.

At the moment, experts see just three disadvantages. First, the provider has a relatively high setup fee — between $99 and $195. Secondly, it will only repair bad credit in some states. Finally, the refund policy has limitations — you can only get your money back if the company fails to delete any information, and if the other four conditions are met (paying on time, no new derogatories over the period, proof of identity, and 30 days for internal investigation).

  1. Sky Blue Credit– Best Budget Option

Unlike competitors, this firm does not split services between packages. There is one universal solution costing $79, and a discounted option for couples — just $119 (you and your partner or spouse save $39). The initial fee equals the monthly payment ($79). 

The pricing policy is perfectly transparent, and refunds are provided for any reason. The unconditional money-back guarantee is unique. All other popular providers set limitations. Usually, their policies are voided by one change in your reports. 

You may also sign up online, and the company will challenge up to five items per bureau per billing cycle (35 days). On the downside, the package is focused on the core services. You will not get score monitoring for financial tools. The initial consultation also requires signing up.

  1. Ovation Credit Help

This company is a subsidiary of Lending Tree, which is a well-established organization with a decent rating. The repair firm has low rates ($79 – $109 per month) and the widest array of discounts. Couples, seniors, military employees, and those who refer a friend or switch from a competitor – all pay less. There are just two tiers of service with a setup fee of $89.

The introductory consultation does not require a fee, and both packages include tools for personal finance management. Every client is assigned with a personal case advisor. TransUnion monitoring is part of the advanced plan. Currently, the biggest drawbacks are the absence of around-the-clock support and online application — you may only sign up by phone.

  1. The Credit Pros 

This provider has a team of certified FICO professionals, and its bonus features are impressive. No first work fee will be charged, and any package gives access to tools for financial management and monitoring (bill reminder, budgeting, dark web monitoring, etc.).

The three packages buy moderate, intermediate, and aggressive challenges. The monthly payment is average for the industry (between $69 and $149). Unlike rivals, this company can provide the first consultation in Spanish, and it is also completely free. The team is always reachable via live chat.

  1. The Credit People 

This company will challenge as many inaccuracies as you want for a flat rate of $79 per month or $419 for half a year. Its experts are certified by FCRA. The setup fee is also the lowest you can find — $19! 

You can sign up online and monitor progress 24/7. The money-back policy covers the first 60 days of service. The firm allows you to get back one month’s worth of payments. On the downside, the packages offer the bare essentials, without monitoring or budgeting tools.


Advantages of Professional Repair 

Millions of consumers delegate repair to save time and achieve better results. Those who do everything on their own have to navigate credit laws and formal disputes. Any US citizen can download their own reports for free, but the other stages are quite laborious.

Professionals will do everything on your behalf — analyze the records, find inconsistencies, prove them, and open disputes with the bureaus involved. There are no contracts, so you can cancel the services at any time. In addition, the packages may include other options like score monitoring or apps for personal budgeting. 

The Bottom Line

If you have late payments tarnishing your score and this information is untrue, a repair company will challenge it. The best providers offer good value for money, with or without additional services. You will save time by delegating the job — let the experts collect evidence and contact the bureaus while you monitor the progress through the website.