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Apple was once against Mobile Casinos, But Not Now

Computers have certainly come a long way from the giant machines kept in the basement of corporate buildings. Devices continue to get smaller as our global reach increases. Apple was once against mobile casinos. Apple worried young kids would have access to games. They felt online casinos could not be trusted and addiction was too easy. Apple has become a mobile casino app friendly. Online players are able to benefit greatly from portable device innovations, including the many mobile apps that help us navigate a city, find a taxi, and buy gifts for our mothers and fathers. When you want to enjoy reputable online gambling providers on your mobile device, then you want to look for compatible mobile casinos.

Google Android-based games are available through the Play Store. Anyone who has an Android-based operating system or Windows operating system can get their mobile casino apps via the Play Store. For those who have an Apple device, whether it is a tablet, iPhone, or other iOS-based devices, you can find options through the iOS App Store or Apple Store. 

Apple and its Apps

Apple has been around for decades, offering the first personal computer in 1976. In 2007, they rebranded as Apple Inc to include their various products like the portable devices sold through retailers throughout the world. They offered the iOS operating system to separate it from the Android or Windows-based devices on the market. Apple provides iOS to their iPhones, iPods, and iPads. The system is a multi-touch interface that “allows for direct manipulation.” It means it is extremely user-friendly. 

In 2008, the App Store launched. With a growing number of app creators in the world, it made sense to have a place for Apple users to gain the apps for download. At the start many apps ranged from free to a few dollars. But Apple wanted to block mobile gaming due to the aforementioned reasons. 

Despite many available Internet casinos and free apps, Apple continued to refuse to allow any company to offer their casino games via the Apple iOS Store. 

Mobile Gambling Changes

With the restrictions in place, it made it impossible for someone to download their games to the iPhone or iPad and play for real money. Today, with better regulations, Apple has allowed specific casino game apps on their site. These apps must comply with their country of origin. The United States, Turkey, and continue to block online gambling, which means you can play in land-based casinos, but you cannot access real money play via the internet, even on a mobile device if you live in these countries. 

For those who do live in countries where online casinos are legal, meaning as long as a proper online gambling license is held, you can download real money casino apps and gamble online. 

The apps must have the proper license and permission to operate where they make the casino available. The app must be offered for free. The free download does not mean free play within the game. However, most of the free casino apps do allow for free gameplay. They will state there are in-app purchases, which will mean you need to transfer money to your real play account in order to make any winnings off the games you play. 

Apple is considered the most widely used mobile device through the iOS operating system found on iPhones and iPads. It makes sense that casino operators are given restrictions and the ability to give their players the games they love. 

You should understand that mobile casino apps are for real money play, while web apps are used via desktop and other computers. A web app opens a connection via the browser instead of using your phone app to access the connection. Both will use an Internet connection, while the mobile casino app uses data like 4G to connect unless you have a Wi-Fi connection.