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Walter W. Skain, IV, of Gloucester City, Age 44

Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere; and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere you find yourself. If four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul, but the road to nowhere lead to Walter W. Skain, IV. Life is short. Walt broke the rules, forgave quickly, loved honestly, laughed easy and kept it simple. He rode often and he rode free. The greatest measure of a man is not measured in the crucible of Screen Shot 2021-06-20 at 17.22.32 imperfections, but rather, in the metamorphoses of what he becomes. Walt was a great guy; a caring father, husband, brother and friend. His devil danced with his demons ended on Thursday June 3, 2021. The fiddler’s tune was over. Walt lost his hold to the shadows of the night at the age of 44. Our tears just didn’t fall, they crashed around us. 

Walt was born in Woodbury and had been a lifelong Gloucester City neighbor. His adventures took him camping, walking through the woods and meadows, listening to the songs whispered by the winds. Here he learned humility and patience and strove for balance through harmony with nature. His harleys made the noise and his truck made his way, driving for Lee Transport Systems in Elmer.  

Through generations, the Skain family has taught an honor culture, emphasized strong bonds and encouraged confidence through tradition. The name Walter has been carried by five generations. Walter IV is survived by his loving wife of 11 years, Leah (nee Liss) Skain.He loved her, not for the way she danced with his angels but for the way the sound of her name could silence his demons. Walt is the father of; Dominic Liss, Walter V and his “Lilly bug”. He is the son of Walter III, Anita (nee Hagerthey) and her husband Sam Carney and is the brother of Kristi Skain, Tracie & her husband Chris Henk. Walt is also survived by his aunt April (nee Skain) Kaplan, his nieces and nephews; Karis, Robin, Collin and Devin as well as many cousins. 

Funeral services were under the direction of the Creran Celebration Etherington & Creran Funeral Homes 700 Powell St. Gloucester City.