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VIDEOS: Federal Government Transporting Illegal Immigrants Crossing the Texas Border to New Jersey and Elsewhere

By William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews


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A busload of illegal immigrants board a bus in Texas headed to the state of New Jersey, and the State of New York.  Wednesday, June 30, 2021 protestors were stopping traffic on the NJ Turnpike demanding more money for the illegals from the taxpayers of the state. So far they have received $40 million. (image courtesy of The Center for Immigration Studies)



GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (CNBNews)(June 30, 2021)--This week former President Donald Trump will be visiting Texas to talk with Gov Greg Abbot about the crisis that has exploded out of control since the Biden administration took over in January. As a result thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants are living in this country supported by the taxpayers of this country. The cost to house and feed them is unknown. 

In the video below produced by The Center for Immigration Studies the commentator points out how illegal immigrants are being transported to many states in the union specifically places like New Jersey and New York State.

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Gloucester City is a good example of what happens to a community when borders go unchecked. Two years ago Mexican Nationals were arrested by the FBI and Delaware State Police at the  Crescent Trailer Park, 1400 Crescent Blvd., Gloucester City. The men were living in a trailer at that location and storing their stash of illegal drugs there. After the men were arrested the US Attorney General for Delaware, where they were selling their poison, announced it was the largest Federal heroin and fentanyl-laced seizure in the state's history with a street value of $1 million.


You can thank the inept Washington bureaucracy on both sides of  the isle along with Governor Murphy of NJ for allowing these undocumented immigrants into your state and community. The majority of children who cross into the country can't speak english. As a result local taxpayers are picking up the tab to hire a translator to teach them english in neighborhood schools across the state. It is no wonder New Jersey has the highest per capita tax in the nation. 


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The Border at Big Bend, produced by the Center for Immigration Studies last month (May 2021) reveals how large groups of illegal immigrants are swamping the dozen or so Border Patrol agents per shift responsible nowadays for 571 rural miles of inaccessible, mostly unwalled Rio Grande border. Statistics suggest about a 50 percent got-away rate there that could be added to apprehensions.

Watch The Border at Big Bend: How Illegal Immigrants Become "Gotaways" 



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