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Page FOUR:

Scrapbook of Carmen Palmiero, Outstanding GHS/Penn State Athlete Who Died Too Soon

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CNBNews-Carmen Palmiero of Brooklawn was an outstanding all-around athlete at Gloucester City High School in mid-1950s. Palmiero was a  4 sport star playing Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Track. Palmiero headed to Penn State after his graduation where he excelled in Basketball.

Tragically Palmiero and a friend died in an auto accident driving home for Christmas Vacation in his Sophomore year. We were recently provided with a copy of a scrapbook by Rose Van Eck, Carmen’s sister.

Page 4: We continue to follow the High School Basketball career of Carmen Palmiero, many familiar names appear throughout this scrapbook. The Gloucester City Basketball in-house League has been known as Carmen Palmiero for over 60 years and hopefully, this weekly feature enlightens the readers.

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