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GOP Challenger Polistina: Mazzeo is Obligated to Empower Atlantic City PD to Protect/Servere


Egg Harbor Township, NJ - “At a time when far-left politicians are pushing to defund, disband, and disrespect law enforcement, the recent surge of violent crime in Atlantic City is proof positive that this anti-police approach is not just dumb, it's dangerous," said Polistina.  “The problem isn’t a pandemic, and it’s not the weather, it’s politicians like Vince Mazzeo refusing to allow our brave men and women in law enforcement to do their jobs.”

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The Atlantic City Police Department has been operating without a Chief of Police since October 1, 2020 and is currently understaffed by 60 officers. Violent crime and homicides in Atlantic City have been on a drastic increase in a short period of time.  

“What we continue to hear from residents, especially our minority small business owners, is that we need more police on the street, not less.  A department operating without a chief and at pre-casino staffing levels is not effective for public safety," added Polistina.  "We need to appoint a new chief and to hire more officers to enhance the safety in the City.”

Polistina’s Assembly running mates, Don Guardian and Claire Swift, echoed his position. Guardian, former Mayor of Atlantic City and Swift, a former Deputy Attorney General, explained that Atlantic City being safe and prosperous is crucial to the success of Atlantic County overall.